By Kyle Campbell

There are two possible reasons why the crowd at tonight’s Of Mice & Men and Woe, Is Me concert decided to open up a circle pit and start moshing before any music was played. 1) because they waited hours outside in a blizzard or 2) because this was the first highly anticipated show of the year (in the hardcore music scene).

Regardless the reason, opening act Capture The Crown (another Australian group making a name for themselves in North America) had the crowd moving right away with an intro with heavy synths and brutal breakdowns. The rest of the set was great. Terrifying growls mixed in with clean vocals done right, CTC opened the gate to what would be an amazing show.

SoCal rockers, Volumes, with an array of different genres infused into their sound made for another set that was insane. It was rhythmic, a little electric, groovy and especially heavy, all to say the least. With two different vocalists, their set was that more dynamic.

The third act was Texas In July. Pure metalcore. Instrumentally, it was a lot of fun listening to. The guitar work, with all of the riffs, licks and solos was impressive to say the least. Vocalist Alex Good goes all out in delivering his lyrics, which made their entire performance that more memorable.

Woe, Is Me stepped on stage playing some material from their new album ‘Genesis’ for the first time in Montreal. Their set, filled with backtracks, breakdowns, melodic cleans and absolutely brutal screams had everyone in Club Soda going extra crazy. Playing both a mix of old and new songs, WIM had everyone moving a lot more and hXc dancing even harder. Being a metalcore show, this didn’t stop them from playing their cover of We R Who We R with some Gangnam style mixed into it.

Headliners, Of Mice & Men were left with an hour to do what they do best. Put on an unbelievable live set. Once again, Austin Carlile showed everyone why he’s one of the best in the scene, showcasing how diverse he is with his unclean vocals. Wether he’d belt out high screams, growls or intense yells, it’d be executed perfectly. Aaron Pauley’s clean vocals were amazing and hit every high note perfectly. Near the end of their set, they slowed things down with an instrumental track, which followed with the majority of the venue sitting down, waving their lighters and cell phones in hand. During the encore, everyone found themselves back on the floor, one knee. Carlile asking everyone to do the traditional get up then go crazy routine and telling everyone who wasn’t kneeling that “they weren’t part of our family” and that they should “get the fuck out”.

All 5 bands put on one hell of a show and I’m sure that everyone would agree. The new year is still very young, but this show will be one of the most memorable ones.


Alexandra Zaccardo