30 Photos From The “No Pants Montreal Metro Ride 2017”

Letting it all loose in the caboose.

Just when you think you've heard and seen it all, Montreal throws another curve ball into the game! Yes, you read the title correctly... Montreal's annual no pants metro ride has just occurred! This all began as a joke by a New York comedy troop that Montreal has adopted into their culture.

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Basically, everyone takes the metro half naked from the waist down! Yes, I know that this seems pretty unsanitary and also pretty silly since it's the middle of WINTER, but hey! Montrealer's are that damn crazy! This event occurs for no pure reason. There is no charity event nor is there a hidden message. It's just something we crazy Monterler's think is normal to do once a year.

So, if you happened to be riding the metro during this event, be sure to scroll down because you might find a wild picture you took and posted on twitter or Instagram! It's times like this when everyone in Montreal comes together... and wears no pants!

Check out some of the hilarious pics from the 2017 No Pants Subway Ride below:

View all the photos from 2016's “No Pants Montreal Metro Ride” HERE.

12552776_10207077611192877_240594677872389868_nPhoto cred – Mary Mizrahi

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