Battlewar 13 At Foufounes Électriques

Foufounes Électriques
87 Ste Catherine E Montreal, Quebec H2X 1K5

It was an exciting night of pro wrestling action at last night’s BATTLEWAR 13 as the tournament to crown the BATTLEWAR Champion got under way! We would like to extend our appreciation to everyone in attendance for making BATTLEWAR 13 a special evening!

Do not forget that we will be back at Les Foufounes Électriques on Sunday, November 10!

Here are the results from BATTLEWAR 13!

1. Leon Saver defeated Stew Ramjattan in the bonus match of the evening.

2. “Speedball” Mike Bailey defeated Drew Gulak in an opening round contest of the BATTLEWAR Championship Tournament.

3. The Green Phantom defeated The Tankmen and was finally able to serve Mike Paterson some hardcore justice in a Gauntlet Match.

4. Shayne Hawke defeated Dasher Hatfield to advance in the BATTLEWAR Championship Tournament. Following the match, Ryan Rogan unsuccessfully attempted to attack Hawke and was met with a Palm Strike that sent the angry competitor flying out of his shoes.

5. Shane Matthews defeated Twiggy in quick fashion following a sneak attack from the crowd. Matthews continued his assault on Twiggy after the bell and appeared to have caught Twiggy with a punch to the jaw which quickly sent him down the mat.

Officials, Franky The Mobster and Matthews’ own tag team partner, Scott Parker made their way down to ringside following the happenings. What we know at the moment is Twiggy visited a medical facility and was diagnosed with a minor concussion.

6. Radioactive Wave defeated “BBQ” Big Bad Quentin and Giant Tiger. Following the match, Quentin demanded that Giant Tiger apologize and proceeded to force him to kiss his boots.

7. Dirty Buxx Belmar defeated “Jagged” Scott Parker in BATTLEWAR Championship Tournament action.

8. The Super Smash Brothers defeated Le Tabarnak de Team with help from ring announcer, Beef Wellington.

Prior to the match, Mathieu St. Jacques and Thomas “The Pipes” Dubois confronted Beef Wellington and the situation quickly turned physical, leading to Wellington having to be helped backstage by officials after the attack.

He would return later in the match to assist the Player Uno and Stupefied on their way to victory. It is very clear that things between Le Tabarnak de Team and Beef Wellington are far from over.

Battlewar 13 At Foufounes Électriques