Sriracha + Sausage + Shrimp = The Spicy Bayou Burger

A jambalaya, but in burger form.

Photo Cred - FoodBeast

All the magical flavours of Mardis Gras combine in this stacked a la max hamburger created by Burger 21, officially known as the Bayou Burger. An American chain found in the Midwest and East Coast, Burger 21 is known for having decadently creative burgers, but the Bayou Burger takes the proverbial cake.

Hamburger is technically a misnomer when describing the Bayou Burger, as the dish features a patty made out of French smoked andouille sausage (with onions, pepper, wine, and pork inside) mixed with ground turkey. Topping the burger is a spicy blackened shrimp and zesty cajun coleslaw, along with some remoulade (a french seafood dressing) and Sriracha.

The Bayou Burger is like a full-on jambalaya in hamburger form. Big ups to FoodBeast for tipping us off on this epic hamburger creation, which nearly warrants a trip to the states just to eat. Plan your trip after August 21st, when the burger launches.

Burger 21 has more than a few cool burger creations, but their signature milkshakes are something to behold. Classic flavours like Chocolate Malted Milk Ball are on the menu, but so are crazy shake flavours like Crème Brûlée, Strawberry Short Cake (both below), and Ybor City Double Espresso. I don't even know what that last one really is, though it sounds pretty great, don't it?


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