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1 Day In 30 Seconds Of Montreal On A Sunny Day

One word: beautiful.
1 Day In 30 Seconds Of Montreal On A Sunny Day

Photo cred - OzmosisGames

A Montreal redditor who moved here from Australia 3 years ago loved the view from his window so much he decided to set up his GoPro to capture a 24 hour time lapse video. The redditor who's username is OzmosisGames was used to living in a tropical climate with sun and surfing everyday. So after spending  years here, the lack of sun started to get depressing so this video was a way to re-appreciate the distinct beauty of Montreal.

We took the 4 minute video and turned it into a 30 second GIF.

If you're having trouble seeing the GIF or if it's loading too slowly, you can also check out the full 4 minute video.


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