It's Official, 1 In 10 Canadian Students Are Looking For “Sugar Daddies”

A troubling statistic about millennials.
It's Official, 1 In 10 Canadian Students Are Looking For “Sugar Daddies”

This morning I read a pretty fucked up statistic. And the more I thought about, the creepier it sounded.

The stat was about the fact 1 in 10 Canadian students are looking for sugar daddies to pay their bills. Sure, it sounds less serious with a funny sounding word like "Sugar Daddy".

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But when you strip it down, it sounds more like: 1 in 10 Canadian students are technically "sex workers".

According to stats Canada there are approximately 2,054,943 university students in this country. And 206,800 students, are registered on that matches Sugars Daddies with Sugar Babies (That has to be the worst word ever invented.)

Some say it isn't  sex work, but it's an allowance in exchange for a relationship, so that's pretty fuckin' close. Although not all arrangements include sex. Each "relationship" has its own informal contract with their own set of rules.

Here are the Canadians universities with the most Sugar Babies:

  1. University of Toronto

  2. Ryerson University

  3. University of Guelph

  4. York University

  5. McGill University

  6. University of Ottawa

  7. University of Alberta

  8. Carelton University

  9. University of Saskatchewan

  10. University of Victoria

Now for the important question. How much money can you make from being a sugar baby? (Seriously, worst word ever!)

Apparently, the average amount is about $2,700 a month, plus gifts.

So I guess it's obvious why students are doing this. Or perhaps its because there are no jobs for young Canadians. And even the jobs that are available, don't pay enough for students to support themselves, which is why they have seeking out non-traditional employment options.


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