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10 Things To Do With Your Dog Close To Montreal

Your REAL best friend.
10 Things To Do With Your Dog Close To Montreal

As a dog owner, I often get worried that my dog gets bored. After all, his life isn't that exciting. I don't live on a farm, there's no kids around to play with him, my apartment is way too small to throw a Frisbee and since he doesn't have thumbs, playing video games is out of the question.

Here's the little monster himself. Meet Biff, the MTL Dog.

So I decided to put together a little list of dog friendly activities you can do with your pet once the snow melts and he's willing to stay outside for more than 5 minutes.

1. Camping

Not all campgrounds allow pets, but Au Diable Vert welcomes them with open arms. In fact when you click on their FAQ section, the first thing they say is: "Dogs aren't only allowed, they're welcome." (Sounds better in French)

Check out their website.

2. Hiking

If you've ever wanted to go hiking but were worried it would be boring, just wait until you go hiking with your best friend. There's nothing more entertaining than watching a dog lose his mind as he explores new and exciting places.

Parc De La Riviere Doncaster.

3. Off-Leash Dog Parks

Walks are great, but if your dog is well behaved, off leash dog parks are the best. Here's a list of every park in Quebec where you don't have to keep your dog on a leash.

Full List.

4. Dog Yoga

Yes, this actually exists and if you're actually brave enough to try this, there's a place right here in Montreal that offers what they call "Doga Classes".

The Dogue Shop

5. Visit Quebec's Fortifications

Here you have your choice of a guided tour or you can explore exhibits about the wall and the history of the city at your own leisure. Dogs are permitted in all outdoor areas and parks but they must be on a leash.

Check out Parks Canada's website for more information.

6.  Caleche Tours

If you're tired of walking around, you can always give your dog a break and hop onto a horse carriage in Quebec City. Most carriage drivers don't mind as long as your dog is well behaved.

Click here for more information.

7. La Promenade des Ecrivains

Learn about all the famous writers who spent time in Quebec as you follow in the footsteps of the characters in their books.

Click here for more information.

8. Boating

If your dog isn't well behaved you probably skipped this point already. But if your dog is able to stay relatively put then a canoe or rowboat ride with your best friend can be a wonderful thing.

Click here for more details.

9. The rue du Trésor

A renowned attraction in Quebec City. You can admire some exhibits, buy some souvenirs or just simply appreciate the art.

Click here for more information.

10. Trick Training

If you want to have more fun with your dog consider teaching him a few tricks. It's a lot more fun to play with a well trained dog who can do more than just sit and beg for treats.

Click here for Dog Trick courses in Montreal.

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