10 All-New Restaurants Opening In Montreal This November 2016

Exciting spots to uncover in the city.
10 All-New Restaurants Opening In Montreal This November 2016

Friends, variety is the spice of life - and this is especially true when it comes to restaurants. Sometimes, you just want to stick to your tried and true spots, and that's fine. But sometimes, you gotta switch it up.

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Especially in Montreal, where our restaurant game is fleek. New and awesome spots are opening up all the time; and here are a couple for you to check out this month in Montreal.

1. Parma Cafe

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1202 Rue Bishop

Opening up on November 7, Parma Cafe specializes in one thing: authentic Italian food. They'll serve up things like cutlet sandwiches, espresso, Italian desserts, pizza, and more, pretty much stepping up downtown Montreal's Italian food game.


2. Ramen 9000

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4609 Rue Notre-Dame O

A current pop-up ramen shop in Montreal's Dalla Rose ice cream spot, Ramen 9000's specialty is vegan ramen. Yes, that's right. Their broth and ingredients are all vegan, but you can add in pork belly and eggs if you want to.


3. C15 Pizza

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7070 Henri Julien Ave

A brand new "pizza by the slice" restaurant in Montreal's Jean-Talon Market, C15 Pizza is known for its delicious, fresh pizza, and unique flavours (like their pasta carbonara pizza). So if you're looking for a quick and delicious lunch at the market, you know where to go.


4. Vivalia Bistro

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286 Rue Notre-Dame O

100% organic and 100% delicious, this clean eating restaurant has a huge variety of dishes for you to choose from, including a very solid selection of vegan and vegetarian fare. Bonus points for their homemade kombucha.


5. Prime BBQ Cie.

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6450 Avenue Somerled

Is there anything tastier than barbecue food? Absolutely not. And this new NDG spot has all of your faves: smoked salmon, ribs, strip sirloin, and more.


6. 2 Cochons

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7387 Boulevard Saint-Michel

Although this one isn't technically new for November, 2 Cochons opened up a few months ago - and is seriously something you should check out. Featuring bao buns, banh mi, and specialty poutine (like "Korean" and "Haitian" poutines), this Saint-Michel spot is going to be your new fave.


7. Eileen Seafood

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6565 Avenue Somerled

A sustainable seafood spot in NDG, Eileen Seafood focuses on serving up Oceanwise seafood, and tasty things like oysters, tartare, and more.


8. Mon Chicha

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1396 Maisonneuve Blvd W

Serving up street food from Japan, Taiwan, and Hong Kong, this new addition to downtown Montreal's dining scene is a real gem. Go there for their steamed bun and bento boxes, and stay because it's just purely amazing.


9. Ramen Plaza

A photo posted by Plaza St-Hubert (@plazasthubert) on

6553 Rue St-Hubert

A ramen spot in Plaza St-Hubert? Honestly, sign me TF up.


10. Tacos Tin Tan

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3828 Rue Saint-Denis

Saint-Denis' latest taco spot, Tacos Tin Tan has a super solid selection of classic taco fare, including tacos al pastor - all of which will pretty much blow your mind.


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