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10 Amazing Jobs You Can Only Get In Canada

You'll never believe what you can get paid to do
10 Amazing Jobs You Can Only Get In Canada

Sometimes when you're looking for a job, things can seem a little bit bleak. Everyone wants some excitement in their lives, but it's hard to find it with the same old job openings again and again.

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Luckily, Canada in all its glory does not disappoint when it comes to wacky employment options. Just think of a Canadian stereotype and I can assure you there will probably be a job for it.

What I have for you here, however, are jobs that you simply cannot get anywhere else.

1. Tim Horton's Museum Curator

If you're Canadian then you know how much we love our Timmies. And obviously, when something is so beloved, it needs to be remembered. So, in Hamilton Ontario, at the store location where it all started, we have our very own Tim Hortons museum.

Every museum needs a curator so this could be the job for you. Currently, the position is held by a long time Tim Horton's employee. You know how we like our tradition.

2. EdgeWalk Instructor

At Toronto's famous CN Tower, you can take a walk high up in the air,116 stories off the ground to be exact! On a ledge of about 1.5 meters, you can sightsee the entire city. And someone needs to supervise.

This job is definitely for the adrenaline junkies, but hey, you'll get tons of fresh air and meet a lot of cool people. All you have to do is join the EdgeWalk team and guide people along the edge.

3. Stanley Cup Holder

This one is as simple as it sounds, but it comes with a lot of responsibility. The Stanley Cup is pretty darn important, so that's why it needs its very own babysitter. You get to tour with it, sit with it at the playoffs; it's any hockey fan's dream!

4. Maple Syrup Coordinator

Your job is to keep tabs on the production of our godly creation: maple syrup. 71% of the world's pure maple syrup comes out of Canada, and 91% of that comes out of Quebec (woot-woot!). Your job would be to supervise the syrup from the tree to the bottle.

5. Montreal Bagel Maker

Montreal bagels are a phenomenon in their own right. So, naturally making them requires some skills. Wood-fire ovens, milky dough - this is the kind of thing you'll find in Montreal bagels shops.

6. Polar Bear Police

Churchill, Manitoba has a bit of a unique situation, they have too many dang polar bears. Often, just at the beginning of winter, there are more bears out there than actual people! The town is actually known as the polar bear capital of the world.

They needed to start up a special task force to keep the bears from causing too many problems. Bears strolling around main street isn't super comforting if you ask me. They even have a little bear jail but they keep them before releasing them back to a secure area.

7. Beer Ombudsman

Close your eyes and imagine this: your job is to drink beer. Open them, it's true! Okay, so there's a little more to it than that.

Beer ombudsmen are responsible for navigating through all the complicated laws of alcohol in Ontario. It's a lot of paperwork, but hey if you love beer enough, it's the job for you.

8. Swedish Fish Maker

Hamilton, Ontario has given us more than just Tim Horton's. They are also responsible for the entire world's supply of Swedish Fish.

9. Poutine Chef

We all know that poutine making is an art, but did you know that it's also a respected career? Of course, we love our classic poutine, but new interpretations of this classic dish are on the rise.

But for real, whether you're working in a five-star kitchen or a cornerstore depanneur, your work is greatly appreciated.

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10. RCMP Officer

I'm sure we've all heard of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. No, not all of our police officers dress this way, but Mounties are Canada's national and federal police force. They're a symbol of our Canadian-ness. Sorry international applications - Canadians only.


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