10 Avocado Dishes You Need To Eat

You will want to eat avocados everyday.
10 Avocado Dishes You Need To Eat

Few foods are as good for you and as straight up delicious as avocados. Velvety, rich, and full of flavour, you would never even know that avocados are crazy good for you. What's that? You don't know the many (and there are many) perks of eating avocados? Is guacamole the only avocado dish you know? Good thing then, because we've paired some delicious avocado-dishes and pointed out their health perks. Time to get hungry.

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The Dish: Raw Vegan Poutine w/AvocadosThe Perks: Stay Full, For Longer

Half an avocado has 3.4 grams of soluble and insoluble fiber, both of which will help your digestion and curb your hunger. Working on the chemical level, avacadoes have oleic acid, a fat that basically tells your brain that makes you feel full.

Eat up some raw vegan poutine with avocados and stay full all day.

The Dish: Eggs Baked in AvacadoesThe Perk: Mad Protein, Bro

Unlike most providers of vegetable proteins, avocados have all 18 essential amino acids. In non-sciency terms, they form a complete protein. Since avocados contain fiber, they're even superior to animal proteins, as your body can absorb the protein easier. Get a crazy protein punch with eggs baked in avocados, or get an avocado eggs benedict at your favourite Montreal brunch joint.

The Dish: Salmon-Avocado RollThe Perk: A Healthy Heart

Fish and avocados are both high in monosaturated fats which work to improve heart functions and lower blood pressure. Roll up some sushi with avocado and salmon for a double-whammy of heart health boosters. The perfect excuse to induce a sushi coma at your favourite all you can eat sushi joint.

The Dish: Tacos and/or Burritos (why not both)The Perk: Making meat healthier

Just 'cuz avocados have protein doesn't mean you can't double up with some real meat too. A bit of avocado lowers the level of triglyceride serum (which is bad for your heart) obtained from meat when the two are eaten together. Throw some avocado on your next taco or burrito from M4, Burritoshop, or Burritoville and reap the health benefits.

The Dish: Sweet Potato Nachos w/AvocadoThe Perk: Keep Your Eyes Sharp

Improving your eyesight is only a plate of nachos away. Sweet potatoes and avocados are rich in carotenoids, avocados specifically containing lutein which is great for your eyes.

The Dish: GuacamoleThe Perk: Stay Young and Fresh

Raw avocados, along with raw onions and tomatoes, are chock full of glutathione, a mega-awesome antioxidant that fights aging. Glutathione also helps out your liver and nervous system, so you can be ready to drink more whenever. Now go get some guac and chips at El Rey Del Taco and munch out, for your health.

The Dish: Shrimp and Avocado Black Bean SoupThe Perk: Cancer Prevention

Vitamin E is a very powerful and useful antioxidant that helps prevent cancer. Synthetic vitamin E can be toxic, so get the good stuff from shrimp and avocados, both high in cancer preventing vitamin. A delicious way to get both is shrimp and avocado black bean soup.

The Dish: La TaquiseThe Perks: The Sexy Kind of Fat

People tout that avacadoes are super fatty, and they are, but its the super good for you kind of fat. Avocodos have high-density lipoprotein, the good kind of cholesterol, which has been linked to preventing diabetes and lowering the bad type of cholesterol. If you're worried about what your poutine is doing to your cholesterol levels, get a Taquise at La Banquise and the guacamole should even things out.

The Dish: Vegan Blueberry Muffins w/AvacadoThe Perk: Staying Smart

Desserts don't have to be all bad for you. Boost your brain health and prevent dementia with blueberry muffins, with a not-so-secret avocado ingredient addition. Both ingredients are proven to improve your brain, so mack on 'dat muffin top.

The Dish: Avocado Anything, but especially sandwichesThe Perk: The Taste, 'Nuff Said.

Health benefits aside, we all know the reason we love to eat avocados: they taste amazing. Normally delicious things like pizza, salads, or sandwiches are taken to the next level once avacadoes are thrown in. Don't be wary, add an avocado and it'll taste better. Given all the health perks, you'll feel better too. Get to Jean-Talon, Atwater Market, or just the grocery store and pick up some deliciously healthy avocados.

What's your favourite avocado dish?

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