We've all had to morn the loss of some of our favourite stores this year. In Montreal, businesses open and close like clockwork. But instead of focusing on the negative, we've decided to focus on the positive. So, let's celebrate 10 awesome businesses that have gotten their start in 2015!

1. Red Bird Cafe

4276 Boul. Saint-Laurent

In only their first week of business, the Red Bird Cafe has already impressed their customers. Most of their food is based off family recipes, so you know it has a hearty taste. The delectable pastries coupled with health conscious meals make this new cafe a place to watch out for.


2. Arcade MTL

2019 rue Moreau #312

The only place in Montreal where you can play old style arcade games on the regular. Arcade MTL a one of a kind, and their Thursday events have been killing it in 2015!


3. Newtown Mojito Bar

1476 Crescent street

Newtown has been incredibly respected bar on Crescent St. for a few years. But their new mojito bar (that opened this summer) has really been stealing the show.


Photo cred - Amelia's Pizza Milton

4. Amelia’s

201 Milton Street

This one is strange, since it's not technically "new". The famed McGill pizza joint, Ameilos, broke hearts when it closed down in January of this year, but then rekindled the love when it reopened with a slight change of name and the same food. You can read the full story here.


5. Albert Bistro

1035 Cote De Beaver Hall

A show-stopping location and luxurious dishes make Albert Bistro a fast favourite in our books.


6. Das Bier

5885 Avenue Papineau

It's a German style beer hall, designed to make you feel like it's Oktoberfest everyday. Need we say more? It opens up in July, so I suggest you start lining up now.


7. A/Maze

3550 St-Jacques

This place is a little out of the box, but none the less, it's still pretty cool. It's an escape style gaming experience that you can play with your friends. The whole ting is a tad hard to explain so we suggest reading this to learn more. Regardless, it's been stealing Montrealers interest since it opened earlier this year.


8. Cafe M

24 avenue des pins est

Cafe M has taken the cake for best study spot in 2015. They have great coffee and a zen atmosphere. Their shop makes doing your homework less painful then it would normally be.


Photo cred - automotiveit

9. Tesla Motors

5350 Ferrier Street

I know Tesla existed long before 2015, but I think they deserve a shout out since they became the first electric car dealership in Montreal. Yay for the environment!


10. Victoria's Secret

Stanley and St. Catherine

It's not open yet but I just know it's going to be amazing. I am patiently awaiting the ample support to come in Fall 2015.

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