10 Best Montreal Girl Trainers According To You

Girls who lift #GOALS.
10 Best Montreal Girl Trainers According To You

Recently it's been all about that #GYM life. #Squatgoals, #bodygoals, #lifegoals should I say more?

After 10 Best Montreal Trainers went public, everyone wanted to know about the Montreal GIRL trainers that are killing it in the biz. So after thorough research, I present to you the TOP 10 Best (and hottest) Montreal Girl trainers.

Warning: These girls will make you reconsider your eating habits, no joke.  

Photo Creds - Patricia Brochu

1. Drea Wheeler

Victoria Park is her niche. Drea is a fitness trainer, lifestyle coach and wellness coordinator.

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Photo Creds - Concordia

2. Lisa-Marie Breton

The IT Woman of her league. Lisa is a strength coach at Concordia University and personal trainer (some of her famous clients include Caroline Ouellette and Charline Labonté). She has been captain of the Montreal Stars for 9 years (now called the Montreal Canadians). AND She is also a co-founder of the Canadian Women's Hockey League. Talk about doing it all.

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Photo Creds - Val Desjardins

3. Val Desjardins

Most badass chick in the game. Personal/Group Trainer and lifestyle coach. Val is working out of Adrenaline Performance Center in Montreal.

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Photo Creds - @j0annafit

4. Joanna St Louis

Free spirit. J is a nutritional consultant and personal trainer. She was also featured in a reality TV show in Quebec.

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Photo Creds - Gabrielle Garbarino

5. Gabrielle Garbarino

She's hard to miss. Gabrielle works out of APC Gym. You've heard of her programs before, because she's just that good. If you haven't, contact her for a private session - she is dedicated to her clients and will make sure you see significant improvements after the first class.

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Photo Creds - Elyssa Merulla

5. Elyssa Merulla

Is on FIRE. Her body is all kinds of #goals. She studied Nutritional Science at McGill University (you'll learn how to eat well, too) You'll come out looking like a 10 AND feeling like 10 after a session with her.


Photo Creds - Rachel Suissa

6. Rachel Suissa

Sweet Stuff only. She is an independent trainer, so she works from her house or at the comfort of your own your home. She's been doing it before she knew how to walk, fitness is in her DNA.

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Photo Creds - Gabrielle Marciano

7. Gabrielle Marciano

She will rip you to shreds. You'll never be the same again. Serious inquiries only.


Photo Creds - Happy Fitness

8. Chloe Rochette

HappyFitness. Personal trainer and Founder of Happy Fitness, a company about everything health & fitness oriented.

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Photo Creds - Lucy Young

9. Lucy Young

Le Sanctuaire. Personal trainer at Midtown Sanctuaire (which is enough of a reason to book her as your next trainer). Lucy might be young but she is one of the best in the game.

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Photo Creds - Fitnicathome

10. Nicola Fitchett

Nicola has been a fitness trainer for over 10 years. She works independently from home, and is mobile.

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