10 Best Montreal Places You've Gotta Take A Date If They're A Chocoholic

The sweetest spots to bring your bae.
10 Best Montreal Places You've Gotta Take A Date If They're A Chocoholic

For all my fellow chocoholics out there, you know what I mean when I say chocolate is literally life. Whether you've had a bad day and need a little pick-me-up, chocolate is there for you. Or maybe you've had a great day and you want a way to celebrate, grab a box of fancy chocolates and treat yourself!

Montreal is home to some insane chocolatiers, bakeries, and restaurants which feature delicious and unique chocolate desserts. All of you chocolate lovers should take my advice and check out these places right away to get your fix!

1. Juliette Et Chocolat


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3600 Boul St-Laurent

Okay, if you're a chocolate lover you've most likely been to Juliette et Chocolat already. But if you haven't than please get over there ASAP! It's like a chocolate lovers paradise over there. You can get some amazing brownies, Nutella crepes, and chocolate fondue dishes!

2. Cacoa 70

Reading week or eating week???

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3485 Av du Parc

Another chocolate paradise located right here in Montreal, Cacao 70 is so delicious. With 4 locations in all over Montreal, you've got no excuse not to come here. Try some of their amazing crepes, or get their make-your-own s'mores kit which comes with marshmallows, chocolate dip, graham crackers, your own grill and so much more!

This is one chocolate experience you don't want to miss!

3. Fous Desserts

This brings me back to Montreal. Oh how I'm craving these chocolate eclairs! ??

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809 Avenue Laurier E

Fous Desserts is a little pastry shop and chocolatier located in the Mile End. They make their high-end chocolate with love and deliciousness all packed into one bite. They also make some amazing chocolate molten cakes and chocolate eclairs!

And if you're a matcha lover as well as a chocolate lover you're in luck, they offer matcha cake and matcha lattes here as well.

4. Suite 88

When you're food twinning? #sweetchocolate #suite88chocolatier

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1225 Boulevard de Maisonneuve O

Suite 88 is one place all of you chocolate lovers shouldn't overlook. It has an amazing selection of cute and delicious chocolate, the greatest white hot chocolate you'll ever try, and a large selection of awesome gelato as well.

Bring a fellow chocolate lover and spend a while at this chocolatier enjoy one of their delicious humungous milk shakes and a chocolate covered waffle!

5. La Tablette de Miss Coco

La découverte du chocolat #cours#chocolat#decouverte#cacao#feve#beurredecacao#pourcentage#fabrication#degustation#latablettedemisschoco#lesoriginesduchocalat

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838 Avenue du Mont-Royal E

This place is totally unique in Montreal. They feature chocolate bars from around the world! You can try a dark chocolate bar from Ouganda or Cuba, a milk chocolate bar from Bolivia or Peru, and a white chocolate bar from the Philippines or Madagascar!

They also offer some delicious hot chocolates to enjoy while you peruse their infinite selection.

6. Chocolats Privilege

So many choices! ? #ChocolatsPrivilege #AtwaterMarket #Montreal #Chocolates #Yummy #Choices

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138 Avenue Atwater

Located in the heart of Atwater Market, get your chocolate fix while perusing the isles of fresh veggies and fruits! They have some delicious chocolate options such as espresso, hazelnut and coriander, and vanilla caramel. They also have some amazing macarons you should try as well!

7. Chocolate Academy

Results of the demo from chef Jean Michel Perruchon at Cacao Barry Chocolate Academy in Montreal! #patisserie #chocolateacademy #cacaobarry #vacation

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4850 Rue Molson

Ever wanted to learn how to make fancy chocolate desserts of your own? Well now you can at Chocolate Academy! Take a class in gluten-free pastries, confectionary courses, or even chocolate legislation and marketing!

8. Divine Chocolatier

Our solution for a rainy day? Dark truffle ganache cheesecake! Come in and have a slice with a cup of our delicious coffee! #chocolate #truffle #ganache #cheesecake #montreal #mtl #desserts #crescentst

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2158 Rue Crescent

If you're a chocoholic and you're looking to treat yourself to some amazingly delicious chocolates this is the place for you. The chocolates here are impeccably made and won't ever disappoint. They also make some amazing cheesecakes such as the dark truffle ganache cheesecake or the white chocolate cheesecake!

9. Cocoa Locale

I can't believe it's been 10yrs since our beautiful friend opened her shop! Not much has changed, she's still a one-woman powerhouse with uncompromising taste and values. And, her cakes are still the best in town. Go give her a smooch, buy a cake, and wish her a happy shop anniversary this week! #CocoaLocale #Montreal #cakeshop #sweet

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4807 Av du Parc

An adorable little bakery located in the Plateau. They offer a variety of unbelievable desserts. From red velvet cupcakes to scrumptious chocolate cakes, to cookies they have every kind of dessert you could want.

10. Léché Desserts

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640 Rue de Courcelle

This is a one of a kind donut shop that makes out of this world desserts! For all you chocoholics you've got to try their double chocolate brownie donut, foam milk chocolate donut and their white chocolate donut. They also make donut ice cream sandwiches for the summer!

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