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Best Places For A Night Out In Montreal's West Island

You don't need to go very far to have a good time.
Best Places For A Night Out In Montreal's West Island

Calling all Westies! Can't get downtown but want to grab a few drinks? Skip the expensive cabs and the endless search for parking. Here are some of the best spots in Montreals West Island for a night out on the town any day of the week!

1. Annie's Sur Le Lac

76, rue Sainte-Anne

If you go to John Abbott, then you probably know Annie's a little too well. Annie's is the spot to be especially on Thursday nights where they have a DJ and a dance floor. Not to mention cheap beer and a stunning terrace, especially in the summer!

2. McKibbins West Island

6361 Trans-Canada Hwy

Oh McKibbins West Island, how we will forever be grateful for you. If you are a true Westie then you understand the hype of McKibbs Wednesday . What's not to love about $2 drinks for ladies all night long and $4 beers! Not to mention a DJ and a Dancefloor and they have kick-ass nachos (who can say no to nachos??).

3. Marlowes

981 Boulevard Saint-Jean

Looking for a more sophisticated night out? Marlowe's is the place to go! With a wide variety of cocktails, wines, sangrias and spirits along with an amazing food menu, Marlowe's never disappoints!

4. Jack Astor's Bar & Grill

3051 Boulevard des Sources

Jack Astor's is a west-island favourite for drinks! They have tons of choices from sangria and mixed drinks, even alcohol infused slush. Plus you can draw on the tables; who said you can't be a child and an adult at the same time?

5. Le Pioneer

286 Lakeshore Rd

Pioneer will forever be Clydes in our hearts. Le Pionner is a great weekend spot for some drinks with a group of friends. The top floor has pool tables & you'll be sure to get yourself into a game of beer pong at some point during the night!

6. Brasserie Le Manoir

600 Boul Saint-Jean

Manoir is a great sports bar for a more relaxed night out. A great spot to watch any sporting event with some cheap beer. They also have amazing chicken wings!

7. Cunninghams Pub

75 Rue Ste-Anne

Cunninghams is a great place to unwind with some cheap food and great beer! They also have $5 Pizza on Mondays and a 2 for 1 wings special on Tuesday!

8. The Firm

2362 Hymus Blvd.

The only nightclub in the West Island! The Firm tends to have a bit of an older crowd, but its a great spot to go dancing. They also have a Happy Hour Bottle Service before 11:30pm on Friday & Saturday!

9. Le Skratch

11841 Pierrefonds Blvd.

Le Skratch is one of the only pool halls in the West Island. All you have to do is buy a drink and you can play pool for free all night long!

10. The Keg Steakhouse & Bar

6815 Route Transcanadienne (Fairview Pointe Claire)

The Keg is best known for there delicious steaks but they also have a kick-ass bar! The drinks are a little more on the pricey side, but their bar area and rooftop terrace is just so beautiful that you need to sit down and have at least one drink.

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