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10 Big Changes Coming To Montreal Transit Soon

Getting around will get easier...we hope.
10 Big Changes Coming To Montreal Transit Soon

Photo cred - Ed Hawco

Changes are coming to Montreal's transit system and transportation infrastructure. Several major projects have just been proposed, all of which are outlined in a recently released document from the City of Montreal which looks ahead 15 to twenty years into Montreal's future.

All of the proposed projects will undergo public consultation, so you will have your nay or yay, depending on if you think the ideas are awful or not. According to La Presse, here are 10 major changes which may become a reality in Montreal's transportation system.

1 & 2. Extending the Metro

  • Focus on adding five station on the blue line, to Anjou (#5)
  • Extension of Orange Line north to Laval is in the works (#6)
  • No official timeline has been created for these projects

3. The Metropolitan Expressway/A-40

  • Fixing up and optimizing 20kms on the expressway
  • Work will be focused on areas between highways 13 and 25
  • Refurbishment not set to begin for another ten years, until roadwork on other major roads (e.g. Champlain) is complete

4. Reserved Lanes

  • Creation of about 40 reserved lanes for buses
  • Plans to create reserved lanes on traffic-heavy roads like St. Laurent, St. Denis, and Sherbrooke
  • A-40 will also likely see reserved bus lanes

5 & 6. Rapid Bus Transit

  • Already seen on Pie-IX, but will be extended
  • Two rapid bus lanes will link the Pie-IX metro from Henri-Bourassa Boulevard to Notre Dame (#3)
  • Third rapid bus lane will be a shuttle from Côte-Vertu and Sauvé stations. (#4)

7-10. Other Projects

  • Refurbishing of the Bonaventure Expressway (#7)
  • Repairing the Ville-Marie Expressway (between St. Urbain and De Lorimier, fixing up Notre-Dame East (#8)
  • Redeveloping the Louis-H.-La Fontaine bridge tunnel. (#9)
  • Creation of a new bridge to replace the Champlain (#10)

Count 'em all up (breaking down the metro and rapid bus projects) and you have ten major changes to come to Montreal's transit system. Let's hope they all happen sooner rather than later.

Public information sessions are to be held in the coming month, according to La Presse. The first will be at Bonsecours Market on October 7th, then another on November 7th, with the final presentation on November 7th. An official plan is set to be created by December.

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