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10 Breakfast Sandwich Foodgasms You Need To Try

Breakfast ideas that will make your mouth water and body tremble.
10 Breakfast Sandwich Foodgasms You Need To Try

It's Saturday morning/early afternoon in Montreal, and you're hungover. Hungover and hungry, which is a double whammy of pains and pangs.

You could drag your carcass out to one of Montreal's many brunch spots, but your funds are all but depleted from dropping bills at the bar, and you're far too hungry to wait in any line for food.

Looks like its the same old boring breakfast of eggs and bread for you. Don't get depressed just yet, because we have some solid ideas to make your lame-ass breakfast sandwich into a work of culinary art.

Simple yet satisfying, these twists on the classic breakfast sandwich will make your hangover much better, we swear. Just make sure to have eggs on hand.

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Charred Tomatoes w/Fried Eggs on Garlic Toast

Ingredients: Toasted bread, garlic, small tomatoes

  • Just rub some garlic on your bread, sear your tomatoes on high heat, then stack it all with fried eggs for a simple, yet fancy looking breakfast.

Egg-N-Avocado Sandwich

Ingredients: English muffin, avocado, Sriracha, scallions

  • Super simple: cook your scallions, throw in whisked eggs, cook then stack in an English muffin with avacados and a healthy squirt of Sriracha.

Egg-and-Tomato Breakfast Sandwich

Ingredients: Baguette, cheese, tomato, basil

  • Toast your baguette with cheese, prep your eggs whichever way, then throw all everything into the cheesy bread for a hearty sandwich you can eat on the go.

Apple-Butter French Toast Sandwiches

Ingredients: Milk, sugar, apple butter, toast bread, spices, vanilla, icing sugar

  • Whisk milk + spices+ vanilla + eggs to dip your bread in for about a minute, fry 'em up, lather with apple butter and dust with icing sugar for a sweet finish to a sweet breakfast treat.

Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Sandwich, MTL Bagel-Style

Ingredients: Bacon, cheese, Montreal bagel

  • Cut your bagel in half, toast with cheese, then just cook your bacon and eggs to fill up your bagel for an authentically delicious MTL-breakfast.


Ingredients: Bechamel sauce, mustard, ham, Gruyere, loaf bread

  • A bit more complicated if you want to make your own bechamel. Otherwise, just toast bread with cheese, add in your ham, mustard, and bechamel, then open-faced broil until the cheese and bechamel is bubbly.

PB and J Pancakes

Ingredients: Pancakes, jam, peanut butter

  • If you got leftover pancakes (to which I'd be impressed by your willpower) just throw on some peanut butter, some jelly, smash 'em together and enjoy.

Fried-Egg-and-Bacon Puff Pastry Squares

Ingredients: Prepared puff pastry (Pillsbury crescent rolls would be fine), bacon, herbs for garnish

  • Roll out your dough and lightly brush with an egg wash (1 egg + bit of water), place strips of bacon across, then bake until browned. Fry eggs separately, throw them on top near end of baking time and garnish.

Monte Cristo Sandwich

Ingredients: Dijon mustard, Swiss cheese, ham, nutmeg, milk, thick-cut bread

  • Layer cheese and ham on Dijon spreaded bread then top sandwiches, dip in whisked egg + milk + nutmeg mixture, then fry until golden-brown in a skillet. Devour.

Lemon, Parsley, and Parmesan-Prosciutto Bread

Ingredients: Lemon Zest, Parmesan, milk, parsley, prosciutto, baguette

  • Hard to say but easy to prepare. Cut your baguette in half and hollow out bottom and slice top half into strips. Whisk eggs, zest, milk, parsley, and Parmesan and stir in bread strips. Lay prosciutto onto hollowed bottom, fill with egg-bread mixture, then bake until toasty and eggs puff up.

Banana Panini

Ingredients: Nutella, bananas, brioche or challah bread

  • Spread tons of Nutella on both sides of your bread, put a bunch of sliced bananas in there, then grill (or fry) with butter until melty and nicely charred.

Open-Faced Egg, Bacon, and Watercress Sandwich

Ingredients: Baguette, mustard, mayo, bacon, watercress (stems removed)

  • Fancify your sandwich with the crispy addition of watercress and by losing some bread. Hard-boil a couple eggs then slice it up. Spread mayo and mustard on your bread, throw on your cooked bacon, eggs, then watercress and enjoy with your fork and knife.

Cheddar Grilled Cheese Bagel-Bacon Breakfast

Ingredients: Cheddar, maple syrup, bacon, onion

  • Cook your bacon, then caramelize your onions in the same pan with dat magical grease. Drizzle some syrup on your bagels (cut in half) place some cheese on top, then toast. Layer onions with bacon in between two cheesy bagels and devour.

Super Heebster

Ingredients:Horseradish-dill cream cheese, bagel, Whitefish salad (or tuna if you ain't feelin' fancy), wasabi-infused flying-fish roe (little pearls on top of sushi sometimes)

  • Some weirdly specific ingredients, but if you happen to have similar stuff, this weirdly named sandwich is heartily healthy. Feel free to sub cheaper ingredients, and if you ain't got no roe, just spread some regular wasabi for the spicy flavour.

Cinnamon Roll Breakfast Sandwich

Ingredients: Prepared Cinnoman Rolls (again, Pillsbury is fine), Cheddar, bacon

  • For the lazy sweet tooth, just slice the rolls in half, stuff with cheese bacon and eggs, then cook in either your waffle maker or a pan if you don't got it.

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