10 Breathtaking Canyons In North America That You Absolutely Need To Check Out

Majestic sights for you to behold.
10 Breathtaking Canyons In North America That You Absolutely Need To Check Out

Canyons are honestly some of the worlds most superb natural gems. Montreal is lucky to be situated near several of the most well known and secret canyons in Canada and the U.S. Not only do these canyons offer spectacular views, but they also offer a variety of activities that everyone can enjoy.

Honestly, taking a last minute summer trip to one of these canyons will most likely make your summer one for the books. I suggest heading to one of the closer canyons and ending your summer with a big bang! The list below composes of the most stunning and breathtaking Canyons that you can find near Montreal.

This is a great activity for those adrenaline junkies and height lovers but it is also great for a day trip to one of the closer canyons with a big group of friends. Take advantage of your last days of summer!

1. Climb To The Ausable Chasm in New-York

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The Ausable Chasm is simply an hour away from Montreal! It will literally take you less time to drive there than driving to Mont-Tremblant. It’s a 2 mile long sandstone Canyon that includes a superb river twisting and turning through the gorge. The are offers great activities such as walking over a cable bridges, a cargo net climb, edge walks, biking trails, day or night tours, rock climbing, ziplines, rappelling, rafting and of course lazy river tubing. And it gets better, admission is simply $18!


2. Climb To The Ouimet Canyon In Ontario

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This superb canyon is located in the northwestern municipality of Dorion, where it features it's massive cliffs that over look the 150 metre-wide gorge down below. There are multiple look out points that serve fantastic views of the nature surrounding the canyon. The bottom of the canyon is 100-meters deep where wildlife, including animals and plants, are protected.


3.  Climb To The Canyon Sainte-Anne In Quebec

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Canyon Sainte-Anne is a spectacular canyon 6 km east of Beaupré where the river drops over a 74 m waterfall. It is absolutely stunning and simply 3 hours away from Montreal! They have break hiking trails and even zip-lining! I strong suggest making this one of you last summer activities.


 4. Climb To The Myra Canyon Park In Kelowna

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At the Myra Canyon you will find a variety of activities from zip-lining, climbing,Frisbee Golf, and even horseback riding. This is a great location for a hike or some mountain biking as well since they have trails and even bridges. You can enjoy a beautiful picnic as you stare off into the sunset


5. Climb To The Johnston Canyon In Banff National Park

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The trail to the waterfalls of Johnston Canyon has to be the busiest in the Canadian Rockies since it is that amazing. Now you may be wondering what the hell is that rock thing in the picture, well it actually happens to be exactly that. It is a ginormous rock that is found in the Johnston Creek at the end of the Canyon. This is a superb location for hiking and visiting the natural wonders of the world.


6. Climb To The Red Rock Canyon In Waterton Lakes National Park

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The Red Rock Canyon Loop in Alberta is a half-hour, 0.7 KM hike with a maximum elevation of 1,520 m. It is very accessible by foot or bike and it makes for the absolute most amazing views. The views are drop dead gorgeous as you are surrounded by distinct red/orange rocks. However, there is over 200 kilometres (120 miles) of hiking trails so feel free to explore!


7. Climb To The Horsethief Canyon In Drumheller

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If you happen to be in Alberta, then I suggest hitting up the Horsethief Canyon! The Horseshoe Canyon is right near the Horsethief Canyon. They Horsethief Canyon was given it's name due to the horses that were smuggled through this land into the US. The Canyon is covered with winding trails that lead to the tops of gorgeous rocky mountains. You can even see the Horseshoe Canyon which is named due to the fact that it is in the form of a horseshoe.

 8. Climb To The Sunwapta Falls and Canyon In Jasper National Park

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Also located in Alberta is the Sunwapta Falls and Canyon where you can enjoy the view of water falls and mountains all in one. Not only can you hike to have a great view of this picturesque waterfall like above, but you can also have an aerial view of all of Jasper National Park and it's canyons! Jasper National Park is home to the Glacier Skywalk where you hang 18 feet above the ground.


9. Climb To The Lynn Canyon In BC

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If you enjoy bridges and hanging hundreds of feet above the ground, then the Lynn Canyon is the place for you. There are several hiking trails, a suspension bridges, a 30-foot pool, the TWIN FALLS, and a fantastic view at every corner. he Suspension Bridge is about 50 meters above the clear blue water of the Lynn creek and pool.


10. Climb To The Barron Canyon In Algonquin Provincial Park

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The Barron Canyon is stunning and includes some of the most majestic views. It is actually home to one of Canada's many natural water slides! This Canyon is very accessible and holds great heights for those adrenaline junkies! I strongly suggest checking it out since it is only 5 hours away from Montreal.


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