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10 Bullshit-Sounding Facts That Are Actually True

Elephants can do WHAT with their dicks!?
10 Bullshit-Sounding Facts That Are Actually True

At any party you'll find the overly talkative know-it-all douche who talks everyone's ear off with a multitude of stories and facts. In your head, you know he/she is just talking out of their respective ass and trying to impress everyone with totally made up factoids, because half of the stuff they said just can't be true.

Or can it?

Some of the most bullshit sounding facts are actually true, as a subreddit devoted to the topic has revealed (there really is a reddit for everything!).

Here are ten of the best:

1. When you get a kidney transplant, they usually just leave your original kidneys in your body and put the 3rd kidney in your pelvis.

  • Kidney's are left behind because i) they might still have a little function and ii) there is no need to cut someone up more than you have to.

2. Elephants can control their dick like a second trunk

  • Elephants...and me.

3. 14% of the population has an extra tendon in their arm. Wikipedia even says so.

  • Maybe this is the first step towards X-men-style mutations. This nerd hopes.

4. Cosmic rays from outer space frequently cause glitches in your electronics.

  • No computer is safe.

5. A dolphin’s nipples are located in its anus. The calf sticks its bill into the hole and the mother squirts milk into its mouth.

  • And I'm officially done with dolphins.

6. Your eyes have a pretty large blind spot, you're brain is just really good at filling it up with what you 'think' should be there.

  • Brain, I love ya, but please stop fucking with me.

7. An octopus has three hearts. Two are branchial and get blood to the gills, the other pumps blood to the body

  • And none of them can feel love. We've all seen Little Mermaid.

8. The founder of, Gary Kremen, lost his girlfriend to a man she met on

  • It's like his life is an ad for

9. The lighter the roast of coffee, the more caffeine it has.

  • Tim Hortons > Starbucks

10. Falling coconuts kill more people every year than sharks.

  • Coconuts...the silent killer.

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