10 Bullshit Sounding Facts That Are Totally True (Vol.3)

Strawberries aren't what?
10 Bullshit Sounding Facts That Are Totally True (Vol.3)

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Cry shenangians, scream "blasphemer," or just shake your head in disbelief, it doesn't matter to us, because even though the following facts sound like a load of shit (which is an actual unit of measurement, as you'll see below) they are, in fact, quite true.

Accumulate more bullshit-sounding-but-true factsso that you may wow people at parties with your totally useless knowledge, or so you can pwn at trivia night. Doesn't matter much to us, just as long as you learn how important unicorns are to Scottish people, because it's important and the world needs to know.

1. Buttload Is An Actual Measurement

Sounds like a buttload of bullshit, 'cept it ain't, as 'buttload' truly is a unit of measurement. 'Butt' is an old-school measuring unit for wine, used primarily in Medieval Europe, with the 'load' tacked on for sizable quantities of the red and white stuff, specifically 126 gallons. Shitload is apparently a thing too.

2. Giant Armadillos Were Totally A Thing In The Animal World

Well, they were a thing 11,000 years ago, back when Glyptodons still existed. Basically a giant version of your standard armadillo, being about the size of a VW Beetle, the two species do differentiate on their eating and living habits, as paleontologists have theorized using Glytodon fossils. Read more on the prehistoric ancient armadillos here.

3. Oxford University Is Older Than The Aztecs

No time travel involved, we swear. Education in the Oxford area began in 1096, and became a legit university by 1249. The birth of the Aztec civilization didn't occur 'til 1325, when the city of Tenochtitlán at Lake Texcoco was founded, 76 years after Oxford gained university-status. Everyone just think the Aztecs are far older because of its status as an "ancient" civilization, whereas Oxford University is still alive and well in the present day.

4. Scotland's National Animal Is The Unicorn

A nation with a rich mythological history, with many stories pertaining to the mighty unicorn, Scotland decided to reach into the realm of the imagination when choosing its national animal. Associated with purity, power, and 'life itself' the magical unicorn seemed like the obvious choice for the Scots. And here I thought Scotland's national animal was the leprechaun.

5. Bananas Are Berries And Strawberries Aren't

Most of y'all have probably heard the strawberry spiel before, though you probably don't know why they aren't a berry, nor that bananas apparently qualify. A subcategory of 'fruit,' a berry comes from a plant with one flower, with one ovary, that has several seeds, like a banana, which does have seeds. Strawberries, on the other hand, are aggregate fruits, as they're born out of a flower with multiple ovaries.

6. Antarctica Is The World's Largest Desert

But aren't deserts supposed to be hot? Nay, you fool, the title of 'desert' is actually given out based on the dryness of an area. A land mass must recieve less than 250mm of precipitation per year to earn the 'desert' title. Anatarcita fits the bill, with the entire continent being the Antarctic Polar Desert, which is about 5.5 million square miles in length, the largest in the world.

7. The Canary Islands Not Named After Birds

Actually it's the other way around, with the birds being named after the islands, which were originally named after the wild dogs that ran rampant across the island. 'Canary' was originally known as 'Canaria,' a derivative of 'canis' which is Latin for dog.

8. The Same Compound That Makes Shit Smell Bad Is Used In Perfume

Less is more, at least when it comes to skatole, a compound found in our poop that creates the shitty smell we all know and loathe. In small concentrations, however, skatole has a flowery smell akin to Jasmine, and is used in many fragrances. Just think about that the next time you spray some perfume on your neck. Watch for the eyes, you may get pink eye (not actually).

9. Bumps On The Head Can Give You A New Accent

Severe head trauma can cause 'Foreign accent syndrome,' a very rare condition where a person's speech patterns are changed on a neurological level, creating a whole new accent. Only a few dozen cases of FAS have occured over the years, a recent example being an Australian woman who got into a car accident last year who then developed a French accent.

10. One Litter Of Kittens Can Have A Bunch Of Different Fathers

Sorry in advance, but I'm about to detail how cats get it on. Female cats don't release their eggs until after being stimulated by the mating process, 20 to 50 hours later, which in that time, a cat could have had many different partners. We've all seen a cat in heat. As a result, multiple sperms from multiple male cats can be in a female feline's reproductive tract when the eggs come on out. Talk about baby-daddy drama. What I wouldn't give for a cat-version of Maury.

As always, thank you to the magical redditors who made this post and those before it a possibility.

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