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10 New Buttons Facebook Needs

#9 A button to tell people when they're being creepy.
10 New Buttons Facebook Needs

The internet went a little crazy yesterday when Facebook announced their new dislike button that turned out not to be an actual dislike button. People were pissed of because they've been demanding one for awhile, in fact there are quite a few other buttons people would like to see on Facebook.

"Like" is such a bland term, it doesn't quite express how we're feeling most of the time. So we asked around and these are the buttons people want to see.

1. Who Cares

A comment you see a lot on Facebook. No matter what you post, someone out there doesn't care and assumes everyone else feels the same way. We need this button just to keep all those generic "who cares" out of the comments section.

2. WTF

This has so many applications. It can express disgust, shock, amazement and even surprise.

3. Aww

Sometimes you come across something so cute, you're at a lost for words. Just click "aww" and you can move on with your life.

4. Meh, Whatever

Other wise known as: "I don't care about this but I also don't feel like taking the time to write a comment about it, that's how little I care about this". But that's too long to fit on a button.

5. Why?

For that friend who posts videos of their baby eating ... WHY?! For the person who posts nothing but sad, depressing 'pity me' statuses. Or even for when someone's stupidity is simply too baffling to comprehend.

6. Shut Up And Take My Money

Then again if they had this button I would have bought so many dumb things that get advertised on my wall. Like that stupid Assassin's Creed hoodie that pops up on my news every 2 days.

7. You Suck

When you see people arguing on Facebook about bullshit, sometimes you realize the argument doesn't matter, it's just 2 people yelling at each other and nothing ever gets resolved. Just click 'you suck' a move on with your life.

8. Stop It, Mom

Moms are awesome, but sometimes they just don't know how to Facebook. You may not have time to explain why it's inappropriate for her to post the video of first time you used the potty by yourself or what the difference is between posting on your wall vs sending you a private message.

9. This Is Creepy

Girls, I know you need this. Especially when a dude starts 'liking' your beach vacation photos from 5 years ago. Or when someone uses too many winky faces or pokes (who the hell still pokes?). Guys can use this too to help their buddy who thinks he's being smooth when he's really just being creepy as fuck.

10. Calm The Fuck Down

People lose their minds so easily on Facebook. The amount of anger that comes from the most insignificant conversations is often staggering. If you're sending death threats to people over a simple disagreement, perhaps you need to calm the fuck down.

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