10 Cheap Lunches At Expensive Montreal Restaurants

Because you can't afford dinner here.
10 Cheap Lunches At Expensive Montreal Restaurants

Okay. I think it's pretty clear by now that I'm a little bit of a foodie. I'll freely admit that I lowkey consider eating at a restaurant a better night out than going clubbing or Netflix and chilling. But do you know where I'd be if I didn't find ways to save on my biggest passion? Broke, my friends. Well, more broke than I already am. Luckily for you, I've decided to share my favourite trick for saving money at some of the most expensive, quality Montreal restaurants. That's right. Prepare to eat like a champ on your lunch break, and read on for 10 Cheap Lunches At Expensive Montreal Restaurants.

1. Ikanos

112 Rue McGill

Delicious, upscale Greek food? I'm here for that. Delicious, upscale Greek food for under $30? I'm definitely here for that. Ikanos serves up yummy, fresh Mediterranean food - such as grilled scallops and sea bass (yasssss) - on their lunch menu. The best part? The menu has a fixed price of $22. I don't throw the term "bargain of the century" around lightly, but I think it's safe to say that this is the bargain of the century.


2. Laloux

250 Ave des Pins E

Alright, I think at this point we all know how amazing Laloux is. Want to take it to the next level of awesome? Laloux's lunch menu offers countless delicious options for under $30. This means that if your wallet's been preventing you from trying one of Laloux's delicious dishes and basking in their signature welcoming atmosphere, then you're in luck. The problem's been solved. What are you still doing here? Get to Laloux for lunch now, and thank me later.


3. Ferreira

1446 Rue Peel

The only thing better than high-end Portuguese food? Inexpensive Portuguese food. And thanks to Ferreira's lunch menu, you can enjoy some of their amazing Portuguese food in a high-end environment, and it probably won't put you out more than $30. Shoutout to their salmon tartar, which definitely one of the top notch salmon tartar I've ever tried.


Photo cred - Impasto

4. Impasto

48 Rue Dante

Ever have game-changing Italian food? Probably not, if you haven't tried Impasto. And the good news is that you can have a hearty lunch full of Impasto's delicious dishes for about $30 or under, thanks to their lunch Table D'Hôte style menu. Special shoutout to their cauliflower tortellini, which is pretty much on par to what my Nonna makes at home. (That's a huge compliment. Also, don't tell her I said that.)


5. Sa-Fran

3979 Rue Saint-Denis

Japanese for lunch? Japanese for lunch. Sa-Fran offers up some of the most fresh, melt-in-your-mouth, on-point sushi. But, real talk, sushi feasting does tend to get a little expensive. The solution? Pop in to Sa-Fran for lunch and enjoy their sushi for cheap. Not feeling sushi? No problem. They also offer bento box options for about $15. I know, friends. I know.


6. Toqué!

900 Place Jean Paul Riopelle

Always wanted to experience the food euphoria that is Toqué, but never wanted to toq-pay those prices? Well, good news! You get to ignore that terrible pun while chomping down on a number of fresh, delicious dishes offered on Toqué's lunch Table D'Hôte menu. Notable mention? The 'cavatelli' option, which boasts cavatelli pasta with squash sauce and braised pork for under $30. And since it's a Table D'Hôte, you get an appetizer included. Winning on all levels.


7. Hambar

355 Rue McGill

If you've been a little apprehensive about trying Hambar because of the prices, then have I got some news for you. You can enjoy Hambar's delicious meals for less, as long as you pay them a visit during lunch. Shoutout to the fact that they offer daily specials: a different amazing meal every day for $22, on top of all their other affordable a la carte options.


8. La Chronique

104 Avenue Laurier O

A chique eatery boasting unique and mouthwatering delicacies, dinner at La Chronique might cost you quite a pretty penny. But don't let that deprive you of the dining experience that is Chronique. Go there for lunch, friends, and get ready to experience a whole new world of dining... that'll save you a couple of bucks, too.


Photo cred - Jérôme Ferrer - page officielle

9. Europea

1227 De La Montagne

To put it simply: Europea is amazing. We all know it. But sometimes, it can be just a tad on the expensive side. Solution? Lunch time. Europea offers a "decouverte" menu at lunchtime for just $35, which includes things like lobster cappuccino with truffle puree (!!!) and squid ink lasagne. If it gets better than this, then I have yet to hear about it.


10. Bouillon Bilk

1595 Boul St-Laurent

If someone replaced the word "delicious" with "Bouillon Bilk", I don't think anyone would notice, since they mean pretty much the same thing anyway. And guess what, friends who still want to enjoy the quality food and unpretentious atmosphere Bouillon Bilk has to offer: Bouillon Bilk has a lunch menu. And it's awesome. Affordable prices, delicious food, and an on-point atmosphere? Magic, friends. Pure magic.


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