10 Christmas Alcohols Deals You Can Only Get At The SAQ Right Now

Drink up some holiday cheer.
10 Christmas Alcohols Deals You Can Only Get At The SAQ Right Now

Christmas (or whatever holiday you may celebrate) is fast approaching, meaning you have two things to worry about: getting gifts for all of your family, and having to actually deal with the the intense fam-jamming that comes with the holiday season.

Thankfully, there's a single solution to both problems: alcohol.

Now, we're not advocating heavy drinking here or anything, we just realize that most folks like to get alcoholic presents for the holidays, and many more need to take the edge off with a stiff drink after a couple of hours spent interacting with the crazy cast that makes up your extended family.

As per usual, the SAQ has you covered this holiday season with a legit mix of special deals and holiday-themed additions to their inventory. And be sure to get on these real quick, because they'll only be around for a limited time. So read on and get in the Christmas spirit the only way we know how, with the magical elixir known as liquor.

Get Your Entire Order For Free

Lets start out strong with what might be the best holiday special, ever.

From now until December 13th, the SAQ is giving anyone who buys alcohol on their website the chance to have their entire bill amount to $0. Or, in other words, you can have your entire order free.

If you make a purchase, all you need to do is follow the instructions for the "Win Your Order" contest that the SAQ provides online to make an entry. Note, though, that only one entry is allowed per person, so don't think you can spam the contest with a bunch of small orders every day.

The price limit of the contest is set at $250, which is a fair amount of alcohol anyway. Get more details here.

Gin de Neige

Drink locally and be merry, that's pretty much what Gin de Neige, a special holiday themed alcohol made in Quebec, provides. Even if you aren't crazy about gin in general, this uniquely crafted alcohol, made using apple water and a variety of holiday-ish spices, could be the exception.

Use it for a Christmas-y martini, throw in some tonic for a holiday G&T, or just take swigs from the bottle. No stress, the holidays don't mean you need to be classy.

Whipped Liquor Caramel & Chocolate

Finding flavoured alcohol can be pretty difficult at the SAQ, but thankfully the provincial liquor store is providing us all with some sweet additions this holiday season with Whipped Liquor Caramel & Chocolate now in stock.

Straight from 'Merica (where else?), these sugar-filled liqueurs might not be everyone's idea of an alcoholic good time, but its the holidays, and not only are you completely justified in indulging with some high-calorie drink-age, but you also might have some non-drinking relatives around who can only consume the lighter stuff.

Either one of these bottles will do the trick.

Bailey's Salted Caramel

During the holidays, drinking is justified just about any time of the day, even in the morning. And while downing a shot of vodka right after you wake up is a little much, you can pour in a bit of this new Bailey's flavour in your coffee to add a bit of alcoholically delicious flair.

Bailey's Salted Caramel will turn your boring old coffee into a caffeine-filled beverage that's Starbucks-level delicious, with the added perk of getting you a little tipsy. Coast through the entire holidays jacked on caffeine and alcohol with this special Christmas-y liqueur.

Jack Daniel's Winter Jack

Jack is back and without the black this holiday season, with the classic Tennessee whiskey donning a white coat for its new winter flavour. Known as "Winter Jack," this whiskey is infused with cloves, cinnamon, orange, and other flavours/spices reminiscent of the holidays.

Don't expect the same level intensity as with regular Jack Daniels, though, as this is definitely more of a cider-like liqueur. But heat it up and share it with your fam on a cold night and you're guaranteed a good time.

The Scotch Tasting Pack

Either you have a friend who is super into whiskey, you have a friend who pretends to know everything about whiskey, or you're looking to become more of a whiskey drinker yourself. Pick one, then go buy the Glenlivet Tasting Experience, a veritable crash course in whiskey.

To be specific, this is a scotch tasting pack, which is whiskey made in Scotland. Glenlivet is a pretty legit brand of scotch, and if you want up your classy-alcoholism game this holiday season, this is the way to do it.

Jägermeister & A Flask

A two-for-one Xmas combo, with this special holiday deal, you don't just get a bottle of Jägermeister, but you also get a legit flask to carry the liqueur just about anywhere. Better yet, the Jäger-flask duo is only $31.75, literally only $1.50 more than a regular 750ml of Jägermeister.

Pair this up with a case of Red Bull and you have the ideal (and affordable) present for your favourite party monster. Or yourself, whichever.

The Twisty-Neck Red Wine

I could tell you how this Tuscan red wine is full bodied, aromatic, vibrant in flavour, or any of the other douchy descriptors wine aficionados use, and it may very well be, but that's not why I'm telling you about it.

Really, I just think the long twisted neck bottle placed inside a straw basket looks really cool, and no-doubt the wine-lover in your life will too. Price at only $17.95, the twisty-neck red wine definitely seems more expensive, allowing you to impress without forking over all that cash, making it a great gift for parents, professors, or bosses.

The Roberto Cavalli Disaronno

Here's a solid present-idea for the lad or lady in your life that loves to drink, and look good while doing it. Fusing high fashion and delicious liqueurs, the Disaronno bottle designed by Roberto Cavalli isn't any different on the inside, but has a sexy print on the exterior.

Hand it to your fashion-loving bae, drink up, and let them keep the bottle to make their apartment look all chic, making for a Christmas gift that keeps on giving.

The Affordable Alternative To Champagne

Legit bubbly costs a fair bit of money, and really, the only time you're going to be needing any champagne to pop (that you need to purchase for yourself) will be for New Year's Eve.

The thing is, you should be saving your money to pay for a legit party or Xmas presents, not a bottle of bub you're going to pop at midnight and share with some friends.

Get a little thrifty and grab a bottle of sparkling wine instead, which costs a fraction of the price. Literally. A Sieur D'Arques Première Bulle bottle is only $18.95, with a solid 12% alcohol content. And besides, no one will even be able to tell the difference between the sparkling wine and actual champagne.

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