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10 Commandments Of Working At An Office

Quoting the movie 'Office Space' doesn't make you relevant or funny.
10 Commandments Of Working At An Office

If you work at an office, you obviously understand the multiple struggles of having to deal with shit things that happen between 9am and 5pm. It ain't easy, let me tell ya. Many times we feel like going ape shit on our coworkers because they're just plain ridiculous. So it got me thinking - why not write an Office Bible that everyone can to abide by. Print this baby out and stick it on a wall in your office where everyone can see it. Take a quick pic with your phone of the "10 Commandments of Working At An Office" and hashtag it #MTLblogmademedoit. The best photo will get a repost on our Insta account @mtlblog. Have fun with it! This will for sure make your day go faster, so you're welcome.

1. Though shalt not fart next to thy coworkers

Kindly move to an isolated area.

2. Though shalt not microwave stinky food

Absolutely NO fish, NO weird ethnic spices...

3. Though shalt not talk on the phone too loud

Respect thy neighbor unless your conversation is really fascinating.

4. Though shalt not steal thy coworker's lunch

You're a bad person if you do that.

5. Though shalt put thy dirty cups and/or plates in the dishwasher

Do NOT just leave them in the sink.

6. Though shalt avoid going for #2

Unless it's an emergency, then PLEASE make sure your aim is on point.

7. Though shalt not speak before 10am

Unless you brought coffee for everyone. Otherwise - honour the sacred silence.

8. Though shalt not annoy people around

"So, how was your weekend?" - No. "Did you watch the VMAs?" - No. "I brought you coffee" - Yes. Also, quoting the movie "Office Space" doesn't make you relevant or funny.

9. Though shalt not come in to work in case of illness

Nobody wants you sneezing, coughing and dispersing your saliva on office equipment and/or coworkers.

10. Remember personal hygiene

Don't forget to shower before work if you smell like shit.

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