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10 Concerts You Need To See This Fall In Montreal

You won't want to miss these.
10 Concerts You Need To See This Fall In Montreal

There are a ton of reasons to be sad that summer is over- but who says there's nothing fun to do during the Fall? One of the best ways to kick your summer withdrawals is to go have fun at the number of really great events and shows happening around the city this fall. Need a few ideas? Check out the list bellow to see if your favourite bands are coming this fall, and if not, go check out a new artist that you've never heard of. They might surprise you! Ranging in different venues, ticket prices and genres, there's something for everyone!

1. James Bay

When? November 17 - Where? Metropolis- 33.00$. Yes, that's right, James Bay is back again! In just the past year or two, James has performed in and around Montreal quite a lot. Since the release of his EP Chaos And The Calm, this crazy busy artist from across the pond has managed to move audiences all over the world with his lyrics that are both chilling, meaningful and catchy- and of course we can't forget his mad skills on the guitar. For fans of older music such as Bruce Springsteen or newer artists like George Ezra or Tom Odell, James Bay is sure to captivate you in concert!

2. The Weekend

When? November 24 - Where? Bell Center - 52$. The Weekend's Madness Tour is coming to Montreal! With the new 'Beauty Behind The Madness' album out and everyone buzzing about tracks like 'Can't Feel My Face', it's hard not to get excited about them taking over our biggest venue in just under two months. When watching The Weekend perform, get ready for an explosive show that'll beyond any doubt get you dancing.

Photo credit - Sammii

3. All Time Low

When? September 18 - Where? Metropolis - 29$. Punk-rock band All Time Low is going to be performing next week Friday! Following the release of 'Future Hearts', All Time Low is a band that will get you singing along and moving to the rhythm thanks to awesome songs like 'Runaways' and 'Kids in the Dark'.

4. Nuns

When? October 13 - Where? Turbo Haus - 12$. After watching these guys open for Gerard Way this past Spring, I can definitely vouch for the fact that you'll be getting a killer performance out of them! While they're a bit hard to stick into one single genre of music, it just makes them all that more better to listen to! With their debut album 'Opportunities' out for over a year and a whole lot of touring since, get ready for nothing but a good time when you hear their hits like 'I Don't Know Where I Stand'.

5. Hey Rosetta!

When? November 21 - Where? Corona Theater - 26$. Indie Rock band Hey Rosetta! will be coming to Corona Theater mid November to rock you with their album 'Second Sight'. Though it hasn't been long since their last visit, you wont find anyone complaining that they're back again! How could they resist returning to Montreal?

6. Breaking Benjamin

When? September 14 - Where? Metropolis - 38$. Alternative metal band Breaking Benjamin is back! 'Dark Before Dawn,' the band's present album, has been doing ridiculously well and the guys have been touring everywhere since the Spring. Finally setting their sights on Montreal in just a few days, get ready to hear your favorite classics as well as new hits like 'Angels Fall' and 'Failure'. For fans of Seether and Three Days Grace.

7. Passenger

When? September 22 - Where? Metropolis - 39$. With an ambitious tour lined up, this indie pop act is sure to bring a great show to Montreal and wow you. Despite a rocky start, front man Michael Rosenberg has carried Passenger into sold-out shows and a chart topping hit 'Let Her Go.' In just two weeks, Passenger will be performing at Metropolis so if you're a fan of bands like Iron and Wine or of singer Ed Sheeran, you'll fall in love with Passenger in no time!

Photo credit - ItsTheParty

8. Three Days Grace

When? November 6 - Where? Metropolis - 49$. Three Days Grace may have recently changed their front man, welcoming singer Matt Walst, but the alternative band known for hard hitting lyrics and an amazing rock show hasn't lost their energy. If anything they're the same old band with a fresh new perspective. Check out the album 'Humans'!

9. The Neighborhood

When? October 8 - Where? Metropolis - 35$. American rock band The Neighborhood is hitting up Montreal next month with a whole new set of songs from album 'Wiped Out'. For fans of The 1975, Grouplove and Imagine Dragons, check out the bands new songs like 'R.I.P .2 My Youth' or older favorites like 'Sweater Weather'.

10. Hollywood Undead

When? October 6 - Where? Metropolis - 32$. Blurring the lines between rap and rock, Hollywood Undead is sure to give Montreal an energetic and lively show on October 6. With a similar style to Papa Roach and Linkin Park, Hollywood Undead is no stranger to hard work. After losing their label, most bands would crack under the pressure. But the boys of Hollywood Undead took it in stride and created an even better album (Day of the Dead) than their past releases.

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