10 Cool Montreal Locations You Can Explore With Google Street View

Explore the city from the comfort of the internet.
10 Cool Montreal Locations You Can Explore With Google Street View

Everyone knows you can cruise through streets on Google's Street View, but inside buildings? Apparently its a thing.

Thanks to a helpful tip from reddit, we learned of some photographer's awesome efforts to give the general public a view into the many buildings of Montreal.

Take a look around some awesome Montreal buildings and locations below.

Allez Up

  • You should always check out a rock climbing joint before you go, and Griffintown's Allez Up lets you virtually walk right in.


  • See how your furniture is going to look fully built by taking a visual tour of IKEA's entire store, including the model home area.

3 Brasseurs Old Montreal

  • You can't check if tables are full, but you do get a nice little look into the fancier version of the Montreal iconic chain of breweries.

Side Chapel, Notre Dame Basilica

  • Don't pay to get into to Notre Dame Basilica, because the side chapel is right here for you.

Secret Spa

  • If you can't afford a full-on spa day, you can at least live vicariously through these pictures.

St Stanislas De Kostka Parish

  • A lesser known, but just as beautiful church in Montreal. StreetView's inside view proves it.

Parc La Fontaine

  • Summer is almost here, and a sunny walking tour of Parc La Fontaine will get you feeling the heat, figuratively that is. Map out your picnic spot while your at it.

Mount Royal Lookout

  • Don't bother walking up the whole mountain when you've got the view right here. You can even walk the whole trail online, if you want to feel like you went through some effort to get to the top.

Montreal Symphonic Orchestra (Place des Arts)

  • Some of us just aren't fancy enough to see an orchestra performance, but at least now you can see where it all goes down.

St. Joseph's Oratory

  • Again, don't bother trekking all the way to the Oratory. Google's got your back.

St. Laurent Graffiti Cove

  • You've no doubt walked by and admired this little alcove of artistry. Now you can view it on demand.


  • Technically not a 'place' but its still cool to relive the winter-y magic of Igloofest online.

Where will you go on Street View?