10 Crazy Adorable Homes In The Maritimes That Millennials In Canada Can Buy Right Now For $100,000 Or Less (Photos)

You don't need a crazy budget to buy a home in these towns!
10 Crazy Adorable Homes In The Maritimes That Millennials In Canada Can Buy Right Now For $100,000 Or Less (Photos)

Everyone knows it's becoming increasingly unrealistic to think about buying a home within a Canadian city center, unless you've got serious cash to spend. But you don't need a big budget to live in the Maritimes. In fact, I found ten amazing homes for sale for $100,000 or less across Canada's Maritime provinces.

And honestly, some of of these houses are too cute for words. If you've ever dreamt of moving out east to take in the salty sea air... well here's your sign. These homes are so affordable and offer a lifestyle that is just unattainable for young people in large Canadian cities.

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TL;DR Check out these ten amazingly cute and affordable homes across the Maritimes of Canada!

Yarmouth, Nova Scotia – $94,900

Via Point2Homes.com

Right at the southern tip of Nova Scotia you'll find Yarmouth, a small seaside town that has rows and rows of beautiful Victorian homes.

Take a look at this cute little cottage with its huge sunroom.

Via Point2Homes.com

Barrington, Nova Scotia – $89,000

Via Kijiji.ca

Barrington, Nova Scotia is about a two hour drive from Halifax, right on the Barrington Bay.

This seaside cottage overlooks the Cape Sable Island causeway and has a boathouse and a dock. Also... hello, look at that deck view!

Via Kijiji.ca

Plympton, Nova Scotia – $100,000

This A-frame home on French Road in Plympton, Nova Scotia is not only super cool, it comes with a huuuuuuge yard.

Built in 1972, the interior has some serious rustic charm while still being modern and functional.

St. John, New Brunswick – $64,900

Via Craigslist.com

This income property comes with four units, meaning you can rent out three apartments. Nearby units of similar size are currently renting for $850 a month, so you do the math on that annual income.

The apartments have viewsof the St. John's River out back and beautiful bay windows out front to let in lots of light.

Drummond, New Brunswick –  $100,000

Drummond, about a four hour drive east of Quebec, is right on the border of Maine and about two hours from Fredricton.

Mornings in this place must be soooo peaceful... there's a breakfast nook and a screened-in porch for all your coffee sipping needs.

Plus, look at how cute and cozy it looks in the winter!

Bedeque, Prince Edward Island – $100,000

This beautiful and historic home was built in 1918 and has so much of the original character and charm perfectly maintained. Plus it's bigger than it looks!

Bedeque is only a 45 minute drive from Charlottetown and sits right on the Bedeque Bay. It's also only a ten minute drive to the Confederation Bridge, meaning you can be in New Brunswick in about 30 minutes.

St Roch, Prince Edward Island – $100,00

Here's another house where $100,000 is not only getting you a beautiful and charming home.... but also getting a ton of land!

Located in Saint Roch, this 3 bedroom farmhouse sits on 4 acres of land and is just minutes away from the Jacques Cartier beach.

St. John's, Newfoundland – $99,900

Talk about cute!!! Situated on the aptly named Water Street, this place is perfect for anyone that has been yearning for a tiny home... and wants it to be right on the ocean, too!

This "Saltbox" style home is a staple in the area and fits right in with its lobster traps (on the left, above) and other multi-coloured homes.

Carleton-sur-Mer, Quebec – $100,000

Quebec has its hand (or should I say land?) in the Maritimes, too! Carleton-sur-Mer, or Carleton on the Sea, is located in the Gaspésie region of Quebec, which looks like New Brunswick's little sun visor on a map.

This ancestral home was built in 1830, has six bedrooms and a view of the sea. What more could you want!?

Take in this rustic charm!

Témiscouata-sur-le-Lac, Quebec – $100,000

Okay, so this place might need a new coat of paint... or maybe you like it like that! But even if you did have to paint it, with four bedrooms and a view of Lac Témiscouata and the national parc, it would be totally worth it.

Témiscouata-sur-le-Lac is just less than three hours east of Quebec City and is in the Bas-Saint-Laurent region of Québec.

Not bad for a budget of $100,000... so when are you moving?

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