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10 Cute And Romantic Montreal Date Ideas For The New Year

Don't let the snow stop you from swiping right...
10 Cute And Romantic Montreal Date Ideas For The New Year

Finding something to do for a first date is hard — and that's just the beginning. Then you have to actually do the thing. While it's always easy to just meet up for coffee or a beer, sometimes it helps to be a little more creative.

If you fear an awkward lull, or if you're just kinda shy when meeting someone new (especially when you think they're stupid attractive), then having something fun to do can really take the pressure off.

So without further ado, here are 10 suggestions for a fun date night in Montreal.

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TL;DR Finding something fun to do in Montreal for a first date can be hard in the winter, so here are 10 ideas to get your first date off the ground.

Skating in the Old Port

Starting with a classic because... how can you not?! If you and your date both know how to skate (and even if you don't) skating is straight-up the best winter date activity around.

For less than $7 each you can have access to the rink for the whole day. The rink also has skate rentals if you don't own your own.

Not only is it super cheap, you're outdoors and getting some exercise. Plus, there is so much potential for rom-com-like moments here, guys. I can see the montage now.

Go Karts or Laser Tag at Action 500

Okay, so maybe I'm just a 12 year-old boy, but this place is like heaven to me. Action500 in Montreal has go-karting, paintball, laser tag, and an escape room. So no matter what kinda fun you're after, they're supplying.

A little competition never hurt anyone — in fact it can show you a lot about a perrson. This kind of date isn't for everyone but for some couples there's nothing more fun than annihilating your better half in a battle of laser beams.

Cross-Country Skiing on Mount Royal

Did you know that you can rent all the equipment you need to go cross-country skiing right up on Mont Royal? Thanks to Les amis de la montagne, you can try out cross-country skiing, all you need is a valid ID and $15 for an hour, or $20 for three hours.

This one is great if you can show your date a thing or two, but equally as fun if neither of you have ever cross-country skiied before. Think of all the laughs and potential rom-com moments when someone inevitably falls down!

Walk on Mount Royal

If your date doesn't skate or ski, you can always take in the mountain the old fashioned way: with a walk! While this might seem too simple or boring to include on this list, honestly, a walk can do wonders.

The burden of constant eye-contact demanded by meeting with a table between you is totally lifted on a walk. You can take in the snowy nature all around you while carrying a free and open conversation. Plus, this one should fit any budget.

Stroll through a Museum

There is no shortage of museums in Montreal, so you can really take your pick with this one. Whether you check out Chateau Ramezay in the Old Port or go big with the Musée des beaux arts, museums provide great opportunities for conversation.

The prices will vary, of course, but even the Musée des beaux arts offers a cheap night on Wednesdays. Tickets are just $11.50 to take in the majot exhibits after 5 p.m.

See a Comedy Show

Everyone loves laugh, and on a second or third date it can sometimes feel like you're on the hook for all the jokes. Take the pressure off by having a professional lighten the mood for you! Plus, if they're no good, you can bond over the second-hand embarrassment.

Check outThe Comedy Nest on Saint-Catherine by Atwater. If you hate to cringe, avoid Newbie Tuesdays and consult their calendar of scheduled comics instead.

Snowshoeing on Mount Royal

This is another great outdoor activity that is fun whether you know how to do it or now. Also run by the Friends of the Mountain, the City Lights Excursion lets you take in the entirety of the mountain in the stillness of the night.

The trek takes about 90 minutes and comes with a French guide. Or you can always just rent the snowshoes and wander through the forest just the two of you. Rentals are $9 for an hour or $15 for 3 hours.

Catch a Live Band 

This, of course, is a tried and true date-night activity. Live music is entertaining and provides some of the distraction factor but isn't engulfing like going to see a movie. You can still chat, share your thoughts on the music and enjoy a drink.

Down in Saint Henri you can check out Bar de Courcelle where there's live music nearly every night. Downtown there's always something happening at L'escalier. In the Plateau, you can check out Quai Des Brumes on Saint-Denis.

Ride the Ferris Wheel in the Old Port

Okay, this one definitely isn't for the shy or faint-of-heart. While you'll have the dazzling Montreal views to distract you for a while, you'll be in pretty close quarters. Plus, it's not the cheapest option on my list. Adult tickets are $25, unless you go Monday-Thursday between 10am and 2pm. The early bird price is $13.05 unless it's a holiday or special occasion.

I'd save this one for a second date to be honest, but if you are really trying to wow someone, especially if they are new to the city, this should work without a doubt. The views will be amazing, as will the Instas, I'm sure.


@spartakrwembedded via

This one will require some serious bundling, but will be sure to get your blood pumping. There are so many places to go tobogganing in Montreal, it would take a whole other article to list them all. Mont-Royal at the corner of Parc is always a safe bet.

No matter which slippery slope you choose, though, you're bound to have an amazing time. Plus, you can still have a beer in the park even though it's winter. So pack a cozy little picnic basket and get to sledding!

I wish you a very romantic 2019, Montreal!

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