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10 Dates Every Montreal Nerd Should Go On

Talk nerdy to me.
10 Dates Every Montreal Nerd Should Go On

When I was younger. The words "date" and "nerd" would never be found in a sentence together. Unless you're saying "That nerd will never get a date".  But these days, nerd doesn't have the negative connotation it once had. It's almost cute to be nerd now. So the next time you're dating a nerd and you need some awesome date ideas, look no further, we got you covered.

1. Bookstore & Coffee

This really should be the nerdy equivalent of Netflix&Chill. Go to Indigo and browse - talk about books you've read and want to read, argue plot points and character arcs - and then finish up with a cup of cocoa in the café upstairs while reading together out of the same copy of Watchmen.

2. Foonzo

If you get really nervous on a first date, you should probably try going to Foonzo, one of the most famous gamer bars in the city. Have a couple of drinks with your crush and then bond over the annoyance of watching Yoshi getting all of the Chain Chomps in Mario Kart. Fvcking Yoshi.

Photo cred - rosalarian

3. The Forum GamesCenter

This is a great place to host your S.O.'s birthday party. It's an arcade with both retro arcade games and video games and there's a restaurant in the building. There's also a billiards table, which can be really fun after a couple of drinks.

4. Attend a Nerdfighter Gathering

Want to meet someone new? Just organize a Nerdfighter Gathering! Nerdfighters are a global community of people who believe in empathy, intellectualism, and unbridled excited about awesome things. Nerdfighter Gatherings can consist of anything from volunteer work to playing ukuleles in the park. So if you're having trouble finding a nerdy boyfriend, start a Facebook page and watch some of the sweetest, nerdiest people in Montreal flock to you. Problem solved.

5. Go to the movies

Movie dates are a big deal for nerds. They've been waiting to see this movie for months or even years, anticipating it since its release date was announced God knows how long ago. You know a nerd is into you when they invite you to see the latest movie from their favourite franchise on opening weekend. So go in costume, share popcorn, and cry together when Loki inevitably dies again - because it's still sad, damnit.

6. Randolph’s Pub Ludique

For the more retro geeks out there, let me suggest visiting Randolph's. An employee comes and talks to your table, finds out what you're like, and then suggests a board game and explains the rules. You then eat delicious food and drink novelty cocktails while trying to obliterate your S.O. and any friends you've invited along. Evening. Made.

7. Amusement 2000 Plus

You've never seen chivalry until a man offers to hold your purse while you shoot zombies. This arcade will pull even the shyest person out of their shell - after all, there's no time to be self-conscious when you're racing on motorcycles or competing in Dance Dance Revolution. The stakes are just too high!

Photo cred - fashiontipsfromcomicstrips

8. Comic Con

This one is a big deal. It means something when a couple cosplay together at Comic Con. It tells the entire nerd community that you're serious about each other, like a dorky debutante ball. You don't just go to Comic Con as Marceline and P-Bubs with anybody. But, if you feel like your relationship has reached that stage, then go to Comic Con as Korra and Asami and confess your love to the world.

9. L’Valet de Coeur

This is nerddom's response to curiosity shops - except instead of old furniture and typewriters, there are all kinds of nerdy treasures, from rare cards to video games. Tell your S.O. that you'll buy them any one thing in this store and watch them explore, trying to choose the most perfect thing in the place. Also, be sure to chat with the staff - they're awesome.

10.Netflix And Chill (but, like actually watch Netflix and chill)

Just as a warning, you won't get anywhere with a nerd if you try and kiss them in the middle of an episode of Firefly. But if you cuddle with them and discuss the finer points of Dean and Castiel's relationship, they'll be yours forever.

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