10 Dating Signs You Are Falling In Love

You're in serious trouble now.
10 Dating Signs You Are Falling In Love

You've been happily single for a while now, and wouldn't want it any other way. You've dated many women in the past and have always enjoyed keeping your options open, yet lately, there's this one woman who's changing the rules in your game plan. She's on your mind a lot and you find yourself preferring the idea of spending the night with her instead of being alone.

The moment you start to want to be with a woman more than you want your space, or any of these 10 other signs may just mean you're in love...

1. You've forgotten your ex

Since you've met this girl, getting back with your ex is the last thing on your mind. As a matter of fact, you can't even remember why you were so strung up on her anyways.

2. You can't stop thinking about her

She somehow always manages to pop into your head at random times of the day. You even think of her when you pass by a cute store because you know she would love that purse in the window. You fall asleep to her and wake up thinking about her.

3. You care about her

You ask her about her family, her friends, her job and you ACTUALLY care about her response. You want to help her score that promotion at work, or ace her exam because you just want her to succeed and be a part of her life.

4. You have great chemistry

You can't keep your hands off of her. Whenever she's in the same room, you feel this magnetic attraction that brings you close to her. Even the first encounter you've ever had just felt natural and as if you've known her your whole life.

5. Other women don't interest you as much

The thought of other women doesn't excite you as much as they used to. You would rather be spending time with her, or busy thinking about where you want to take her next to worry about girls hitting you up to "Netflix and chill".

6. She's rising to the top of your priorities

You used to wake up extra early for the gym, or spent your weekends with the boys, but all of a sudden your time revolves around her schedule and what she's up to.

7. You learn to compromise

You would normally never bend your rules or change your plans for someone else, but with her you'd make the exception.

8. You find her idiosyncrasies charming

The way she flips her hair back when she's nervous, or the way she laughs hysterically at anything. Usually those things would piss you off or even turn you off with someone else, but with her they just make you fall harder.

9. You enjoy spending time with her

You could be going to see a movie, or catching a late lunch and it'll be the highlight of your week. It doesn't matter what you are doing together, you always manager to have fun.

10. You start thinking about the future, and she's in it.

You don't only lock plans with her for next weekend, but next month. You might even catch yourself wanting to introduce her to your family and friends. These are all very subtle signs that you might just want this for longer than you thought...Maybe even forever.

The woman you are falling for might just feel the same way, and the only way you'll find out, is by confessing your love to her... and make sure to tell me all about it: rebecca@mtlblog.com

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