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10 Differences Between Canadians And Americans

Same same but different.
10 Differences Between Canadians And Americans

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When it comes to our neighbours, one thing is certain - we don’t have very much in common. Although we share the same continent, the same television and even the same music, we are still very different.

We are Canadians, we live for hockey and we breathe red and white. We overuse the words 'thank you' and we're always the first to apologize. And those are just a few of our notable differences...

Here are 10 differences between us and our next door neighbours:

We say Zed you say Zee 

U... V... W... X... Y and ZEEEEE.

Yup, Zee sounds a lot better.

We have poutine


We also have Kraft Dinner


And Tim Hortons. And Nanaimo bars. And Smarties. Bottom line, we kill it when it comes to snacks and munchies.

Canadians join the world in the metric system

When you go to the States and they make you feel bad for the way you measure things… how about you join the rest of us in making measurement universal.

We accept everyone and anyone


We love everyone and we welcome all. There's always a spot in Canada for our peeps around the world. If you’re thinking of making Canada your home, click here for more information on how you can achieve the Canadian dream.

The government of Canada website runs on a .CA domain (duh) and did you know that a portion of .CA domain registration fees go towards funding innovative projects to support the Canadian Internet community! I can't think of a better way to show off that Canadian pride!

Canada has 2 official languages

Canada actually has two official languages, our southern neighbours don’t. Which means that we have two different ways of saying what we're really feeling. This also means that many of our websites are in both languages.

If you're thinking of setting up a website, why not use a .CA domain instead?You can even register .CA domain name with accented characters like é, â, ç, ï, and many more. Register your website in both official languages and join the Canadian community!

All our national parks are FREE


For 2017 at least. Visit Parks Canada to see all of the parks and start planning your 2017 road trip!

Parks Canada runs on a .CA domain which means the website is safe and secure so you don't have to worry about a thing, except for maybe choosing which parks you'd like to visit!

We have Ryan Reynolds.

Enough said.

We have stronger beer

In the words of the great Tim Hicks. You may have a stronger army but man up here, we got stronger beer.

Speaking of stronger beer, Beau's All Natural is 100% Canadian! Check them out online to see their award winning beers. They proudly run on a .CA domain as well!

We have Canadian Netflix

Ok, USA. You win this one.

So you see, we are quite different than the folks over in the United States! While we may look similar, we have different ideas and beliefs. We also have our very own Canadian domain name because we're proud to be Canadian - after all, there's no one quite like us eh?

If you're thinking of getting a website, consider getting a .CA domain here. It's the best way to show off your Canadian pride because the domain can only be registered by Canadians. See if your .CA domain name is available!