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10 Easy Montreal Jobs You Can Get Hired For Right Now On Craigslist

If you're unemployed and living in Montreal, you know finding a job isn’t easy.

But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible, you just have to look harder.

Well it’s Friday and you’re probably feeling lazy, so your good friends at MTLBlog decided to patrol this week’s job postings on craigslist and here are the best ones we could find:

1. Smartphone Tour Guide

Walk around the city giving a tour while documenting the whole thing on a smartphone. C'mon even you're smart enough to do that.

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2. Best Buy Sales Rep

Encourage consumers to purchase HP printers and Instant Ink subscriptions.

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3. Audi A4 Driver

500$ a week to drive Audi (which they provide of course)

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4. Restaurant staff

Bar staff, waiters, hostesses and bus-boys. Here are places that are hiring, including Queue de Cheval.

More Info Job 1 - More Info Job 2 - More Info Job 3 - More Info Job 4

5. Let McGill Test Drugs On You

The study involves an interview, a medical exam and the administration of a drug. Sounds fun.

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6. Painting

For those of you who need a job for the summer.

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7. Foot Massage

Get paid to GET food massages. $50 for a half hour. If you're into that kind of thing this doesn't even count as work.

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8. Slightly Creepier Foot Massage

Same deal as the other one, but this guy has some pretty specific requests.

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9. Naked Maid

The best of part of cleaning apartments naked is that you don't have a uniform to wash afterwards.

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10. Paperboy

For those who have no other skills, there are still some jobs out there for you. Although they are slightly less glamorous.

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