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10 Easy Summer Jobs For Montreal Students

No, I won't tell you about a Barista gig.
10 Easy Summer Jobs For Montreal Students

It's almost that special time of year when all the kids and students get released from their academic cages and run wild across the city... probably my least favourite part of summer! 

Just kidding, it's not all that bad. But, summertime does mean that a ton of Montreal students will be in need for some decent work hours to keep them busy all season and to make that money! 

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Around this time every year, the hunt for that sweet job is at it's highest among Montrealers. So, I took some initiative for you... because that's what we're here for! 

Via Kijiji

Here are 10 easy, and even fun, summer jobs you can get right now in Montreal:

1. Pastry Ambassador 

Okay, to be honest, I read the job title and laughed out loud. Then I looked into it and saw that the gig is actually pretty sweet!

First of all, it's a job to represent Beavertail Pastries at La Ronde - the busiest location they have. The job starts May 19 and you don't need to speak French - just need a "great attitude."

It pays 12/hr, which isn't much... but you get a Rogers corporate cell phone plan and free access to all the La Ronde rides all summer long!


2. AXE Brand Ambassador

If you're out and about in Montreal at any peak time for foot traffic, I'm sure you've been stopped to get free samples of pop, perfume - or whatever is being given. This job is exactly that, and is perfect for those who want to live the full summertime in Montreal life!

You spend your work days out at events, festivals, and concerts talking to the public and raising brand awareness including their favourite AXE scents, giveaways/contests and taking souvenir photos.

If you like to work out at events and with a lot of people, apply here.

3. La Ronde Theme Park

Have you ever seen Youth In Revolt with Michael Cera? Do you dream of working in a face paced amusement park environment in the hot summer months?

Well, La Ronde wants YOU!

Here is a gig working at the Dairy Bar on Kijiji - no mention of French needed.

La Ronde also has a few positions open from boutique and restaurant clerks, to the admissions gate. Check em out, bilingual applicants only.

4. Day Camp Counselor at McCord Museum

Educate young kids and campers on a variety of Montreal and Canadian history, using the McCord Museum's 6 core values rigour, integrity, inclusion, audacity, creativity, and commitment.

The requirements are a little tougher, but if you fit their mold this could be a fun job that flews your intelligence and pays $17/hour.

Applicants accepted until April 30th.

5. Desjardin Student Career Path

This one is for students in the financial sector, and Desjardin has "several positions to fill" all throughout Montreal and Quebec!

Find more details here.

6. RV Housekeeping

You're clean. You're organized. You love the heat and to be outdoors.

If this applies to you, then apply for this job right here.

7. Infantry Recruit

Parttime summer work with the opportunity to make up to $10,000!

Help the Canadian Army Reserve recruit Infantry Soldiers with the Royal Montreal Regiment - if you're into that sorta thing. Apply here.

8. Residential Concierge

Bilingual. Residential building concierge. Deal with people. Need I say more?

Oh, it pays $17/hour. Apply here.

9. Painter 

The perfect gig for Anglo students, or for anyone who wants some bankable hours in the sun. The demand for summertime painters is high! Seriously, I could probably do a 10 point list just of painting gigs.

I'll give you guys 3, and let you do the rest of the hunting. Don't worry, it's like shooting fish in a barrel.

Painting 1, Painting 2, Painting 3

10. Live-In Summer Camp Counselor

I mentioned the McCord Camp program earlier in the list, but as summer comes and parents ship their brats off their seasonal cages, the camps need staff.

There are plenty of jobs as live-in or general summer camp counselors working with kids at outdoor activities, which I'm sure will be lots of fun!

Here are just a few of em:

Camp Cosmos

Quebec Stars Int'l


So there ya go, guys! I went in and gave you 10 cool summer jobs, some of which have mulitiple openings in more than just one company!

I also purposely stayed away from telling you to go be a Barista, or Server, or any of the general jobs we all know are in demand all over the city.

Still, if that's more your jam - I'm sure you can find them by searching for them.

Good luck!

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