10 Very Easy Ways To Kick The Winter Blues

Old Man Winter can't get you down if you use these tips and tricks.
10 Very Easy Ways To Kick The Winter Blues

Blue Monday, otherwise known as the unhappiest day of the year, was this Monday (as if we needed that, on top of the Polar Vortex). After being spoiled by freakishly warm weather this weekend, we're now once again submerged in the daily grind, dealing with freezing cold temperatures and slushy snow. With icy winds and good reason, the winter blues may be creeping up on you - and it's only January. Never fear, dear Montrealers! We've put together a list of fool-proof ways that can help you kick those blues to the curb, once and for all. 

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 Snuggle up!

We’ve already shared our reasons on why cuddle buddies are absolutely essential, and this is especially important when you’re stuck with a case of the winter blues. Binge-watching Netflix by yourself? Not so fun. Binge-watching Netflix with a cuddle buddy? Perfection. On those nights when a Polar Vortex has taken over the city, cuddling up against someone will not only help you stay warm, but will also keep you happy and serene.

Redecorate your space

Get Out There & Socialize

Winter Sports

Unless you’re already a fan of winter sports, this tip may seem daunting and unnecessary. Why spend more time in -40 degree weather than is required? Here’s why: embracing winter is like keeping your enemy close. Putting your mind and body to work learning a new sport, whether it’s snowshoeing or downhill skiing, will stop the winter blues from getting the best of you. Not athletic? Join your friends for a weekend at Saint-Sauveur anyways! Those chalets always have roaring fireplaces and delicious hot chocolate – you may not hit the slopes, but the view of them from your cozy spot by the fire will definitely cheer you up.


OK, admittedly it’s difficult to get yourself off of the couch in the winter – let alone to exercise – but studies have proven time and time again that there’s no better way to warm up and pull yourself out of a funk. Whether you’re a member of one of Montreal’s best gyms or you’re a big believer in all things Jillian Michaels, devoting half an hour a day to your workout this winter will keep you feeling happy, healthy, and ready for anything Mother Nature can throw at you.

 Vitamin D-licious

 Have a drink!

 Get Away - Far, Far Away!

If all else fails, you can always book yourself a trip to anywhere but here. Often, the endless routine that seems to go hand-in-hand with the winter season is what makes us feel blue. Whether you get into your car and drive away from the city, in any direction, or you book a trip to beautiful and sun-drenched Cuba, the change of scenery will definitely cheer you up. All we really need to get out of a rut sometimes is a change in our daily life. What better way to make that change this winter than to get out of town? Many transportation companies - air, bus and train - have great deals every day. Keep an eye out for a bargain and book it, before you have the chance to convince yourself otherwise!

Spoil yourself!

Ladies and gents, listen up! The most important thing you need to remember this winter season is to take care of yourselves. Book a spa day, get a mani/pedi, change your hairstyle completely - if you're feeling fun and fresh, then we can guarantee you'll be looking at the gray, slushy world through rose-colored glasses. Montreal has many cool, budget-friendly spas and salons, so check them out. At least once a month, make yourself an appointment and keep it - bring a friend and you'll be killing two birds with one stone! Those ghastly winter blues won't know what hit'em.

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