10 English Speaking Jobs In Demand In Montreal Right Now

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10 English Speaking Jobs In Demand In Montreal Right Now

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If you have a specialized skill-set, look directly for English companies looking to hire. There are tons of links below. This article is for all of you just trying to find a basic job to earn some cash, for whatever reason.

First things first, be a realist. Is there a serious advantage to knowing French? Yep.

You don't have speak French well enough to read Proust or Molliere, but if you're literate enough to read this article, you're smart enough to learn how to say "Hello, how can I serve you?" en français.

If you're in school, check if you can sign up for a basic intro to French course. If you're not in school, the Quebec government offers free french classes, intensive or part-time.

A good job probably won't fall into your lap without a serious amount of actual work (before even beginning to work, ugh, I know). Sometimes you'll have to wait for a long time before even getting something menial at Starbucks. The key is to be prepared, and to keep going. You might not find anything after trying a long time, but you definitely won't find it if you give up.

Luckily, there are tons of resources to help you get started. Emploi-Quebec has a guide to get you started on writing a CV and a cover letter. Check sites like Workopolis, Monster, Emploi-Quebec, jobboom. Remember the old sketchy stand-bys, like Craigslist and Kijiji.

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Sales representative

If you're outgoing, extroverted, and good with people, search around for sales rep positions. Most companies that advertise in English don't require you to know French, but you'll get a serious advantage if you can speak another language like Spanish, Italian, Arabic, etc.,

Call centre

Depending on what type of sales rep you do, working at a call centre is pretty close. Montreal call centres dial out to the rest of Canada and sometimes the U.S, so they prefer English speakers. The work is tough and the hours are weird, but they're always hiring.


If you can play an instrument, speak a different language, hell, just be decent at math, try tutoring. You can either find a tutoring agency who's wiling to hire, or hustle on your own to ask for better rates. Most private tutors ask for payment in cash to avoid taxes. Put up signs, advertise, ask friends of friends who are still in school if they need help, whatever.

Newspaper carrier

You need to be three things:

1) Responsible.

2) So weirdly nocturnal that getting up (not going to sleep?) at 3 AM is not a big deal.

3) Okay at driving.

Courier driver

Alright, so fuck working every morning at 4AM delivering newspapers. Still know how to drive and have your own car? If you have a passable geographical knowledge of Montreal, apply for a courier job delivering packages.


A lot of offices, day-cares, spas, etc. couldn't care less if the person emptying out trash bags and wiping the counters can't conjugate a French verb to save their life.

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IT work

If you're good in IT, you can get a job more or less anywhere. If you're not, check for night classes at Dawson College, Concordia University, LaSalle College, adult education centres, etc. The pay is usually better than manual jobs.

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Montreal has the highest number of restaurants per capita in Canada. There must be more busboy jobs per capita too.

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Escort (male and female)

The title of this is "jobs in demand", no? So it's not to everyone's taste, but neither is delivering newspapers or washing dishes. If you're seriously considering this: be smart and research the agency. Don't be an idiot.

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Just look up a job agency

There are career counselors in Montreal to help you if you have special needs, like a disability or an unusual condition, or if you're just having difficulty finding a job. Some special agencies exist just for youth employment.

The job market can be unfair, too. I have friends who got jobs on their first try. I have others who have applied for dozens and never hear back form any. Don't get dejected if you don't find anything right away.

Being an anglophone isn't always easy in Montreal, but you can do it. A total stranger on the internet believes in you, alright?

If you're also a weirdo about Montreal culture and humour, find Sijia on Twitter (@chuffystilton) or on her tumblr.

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