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10 Essential Ways To Keep Energized Throughout The Week

Channel your inner energizer bunny.
10 Essential Ways To Keep Energized Throughout The Week

The weather's finally made that switch from kinda-cold to teeth-chattering, icy-howling-winds cold and when that happens, my energy levels nose dive every year. Here's some ways to keep yourself from going into hermit mode without having to triple up on those morning lattes.

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1. Pass On Those Pancakes

2. Practise Portion Control

3. Stand Yo' Ass Up

4. Play Some Jams

5. Keep Hydrated

6. De-Clutter Your Workplace

7. Tap Your Thymus

8. Hang Out With Your High-Energy Pals

9. Sniff Some Essential Oils

10. Get a B-vitamin Boost

B-vitamins are kind of key to your energy levels, and while some people favour drastic measures like getting them in syringe form every once in a while, you can even just choose to snack on foods that are high in these nutrients. For example, edamame, peanuts, sunflower seeds, cashews, and hazelnuts are all strong B-12 players. So, snack healthy for that energy boost. Got any of your own sure-fire ways to keep your energy up? Comment below and let us know!

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