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Jobs Available For Montreal University Students

Live that broke student life no more!
Jobs Available For Montreal University Students

Photo cred - Helena

Calling all broke students. So all of you. I know you need money. I know you need it now. However, I know you don’t really have the time to spend hours upon hours scrounging Craigslist posts. It’s awful, and so much harder than you would think. I get it and trust me I’ve been there. So, my lovely readers, because I adore you oh so much, I have done all the hard work for you. With the help of HOJO (the Concordia house and Job bank), and other digital classifieds, I have picked the best available positions, just for you. Enjoy!

1. Fashion Junior Admin

We all know that Montreal has a style like no other. So why not put your skills to use? This position requires an emersion of skills involving organization, planning and fashionable intuition.

2. Tree Climber

Kind of a stretch. But I do know that students love nature, and love to be weird. So why not fuse those two passions together?

3. Art Teacher In Kenya

For those of you artist types who want a little adventure! This oppurntunity sounds nothing short of amazing!

4. Story Board Illustrator

Again, for the creative kids, but c’mon there are a lot of you out there! If you have a passion for comic books and illustrating, say no more. Click here to find out more.

5. Brunch Chef

This job is for those of you who don’t have time for a full time job. If you’re more comfortable sticking to a line cook type position, than this job is perfect. The food there looks delicious and you can indulge in Montreal’s brunch obsession.

6. TRH Bar Door Man

TRH Bar is undeniably a student hot spot. If you find yourself hanging our there, well, now you can get paid for it.

7. Service Agent

If you’re looking for a job that is on campus than we have found your perfect match. You’ve gotta know a fair bit about technological stuff, but if that is a breeze for you to figure out then apply now. This job was found on HOJO so only Concordia students have the ability to look at the actual ad.

8. Music Festival Agent

This bad boy is also only available to Concordians! So many of my friends end up blowing all their money by the end of the summer because they’re constantly attending music festivals. Well, now you have the chance to go listen to your favourite bands while making money!

9. Junior Social Media Manager

All y’all business students listen up. If you want to get some practical experience with social media work, then please click on over to the job section at Hashtag Media. In business jobs these days, you need some sort of knowledge when it comes to social media. This position will give just that! Yay!

10. Junior Designer

Lightspeed is looking for someone to join their marketing team! This job is incredible for any communications or business majors! They seem like a well established company so check out more of the ad to see if you got what they’re looking for!

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