10 Extra Montreal Bars We Want To See Open Until 6am

Because 19 just isn't nearly enough.
10 Extra Montreal Bars We Want To See Open Until 6am

Photo cred - Mazda Alinia

Any and everyone should already be well aware that last call has been extended in Montreal until 6am, starting June 12th and running 'til July 5th.

A magically awesome initiative (who doesn't want more time to drink) but the only problem is the list of bars included is a mere 19, and only located on Crescent and Saint Denis.

If we had it our way, every bar would be able to stay open until the wee hours of the morn, but especially these ten:

Foufounes Électriques

  • Cheap beer and a rowdy crowd make Foufs the perfect bar to stay open late. No one would be boring/sleepy and everyone would be righteously inebriated. Plus, more time for bands to play.

Apt. 200

  • Hopefully by 4am the line outside would die down and you'd actually be able to enjoy the layout and decor of Apt. 200 without a hot sweaty mess of people all around you. True, that's part of the bar's weekend charm, but more space for drunken video games is a good thing.


  • Access to quality craft beer is one solid reason Benelux should be open 'til 6am. The other is their very large terrace.


  • Salty popcorn is delicious anytime of the night, but Biftek's iconic bar snack seems to get even more tasty as the night goes on. Popcorn-drunchies at 5 in the morn is too great to pass up.


  • One of Old Montreal's most happening spots could easily keep partying well into the night. With the creepily-cool underground area, no one would even notice (or mind) when the sun comes up.

Le Belmont

  • A whole slew of shows and performances could be slotted into the extra hours from 3-6am, meaning more musical madness for all Montrealers to enjoy.

Royal Pheonix

  • The village is played out and at least one queer-oriented bar needed to make our list. What makes the RP so great is its varied amount of events and shows, fit for anyone and anytime of night.

Chez Serge

  • Ride the bull all night long, and most of the morning too.

Honey Martin

  • We need to spread the 6am-love all across the city, and Honey Martin would make sure all the folks in NDG can still enjoy a pint well past the standard last call.

Pub Sainte-Elizabeth

  • If you've ever sat at St. Elizabeth's rainforest-esque terrace, you'll know that watching the sunrise there, with a pint of beer in hand, would be quite the magical experience.

What bars do you want to be open until 6am?

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