13 Fantastic Montreal Breakfast Spots You Can Eat At For $10

It's the most important meal of your day, after all.
13 Fantastic Montreal Breakfast Spots You Can Eat At For $10

When you're rushing through your morning routine, sometimes making a filling, healthy breakfast can fall by the wayside. And it's totally understandable, because sometimes, you just don't have extra minutes to spare.

But everyone knows that if you miss breakfast, you're missing an important meal that sets the tone for your energy levels and food choices for the rest of the day. Personally, I find myself pretty irritable if I miss my morning meal.

With all the extravagant brunch restaurants in Montreal, it seems like a quick, affordable breakfast is becoming harder and harder to find. But of course, that's not true - you just have to know where to look. Whether you're in a hurry, have a little free time, or want to treat yourself to a sit-down meal, here are some excellent choices for a cheap, hearty weekday (or weekend) breakfast.

1. Thé Mon Café

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This charming little cafe in Old Port serves up some stellar coffee and hot drinks, but their affordable breakfast options deserve just as much appreciation. With classic bagels, and egg dishes, a quick bite here, including coffee, shouldn't run you more than $10.

The cafe is situated within an office building, so it's a popular spot for people to stop by on their way into work. So, if you live or work in Old Port and haven't been here yet, keep it in mind on your next busy morning.


2. Hof Kelsten

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4524 Boulevard Saint-Laurent

Walk into this bakery on a stressful Monday morning, and the scent of the freshly baked bread and croissants will instantly lull you into a sense of calm and happiness.

This veteran spot in the Plateau is a beloved by many Montrealers, and when you try one of their homemade delights, you'll see why. Best of all, you can definitely get a delicious, affordable breakfast here; whether it's a simple croissant, or their grilled cheese and egg sandwich, trust that it'll leave you satisfied and ready to take on the day.


3. Le Vieux St-Laurent

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With all the complex, artisanal dishes being whipped up at trendy brunch spots, sometimes you just want a simple, tasty, breakfast that won't hurt your wallet. Luckily, that's exactly what this long-time breakfast spot in the Plateau can do.

Le Vieux St-Laurent is unpretentious, welcoming, and has fast, efficient service. You can order a classic egg, bacon, and toast meal for under $10, including coffee. On a bustling weekday morning, what else could you ask for?


4. Dépanneur Le Pick-Up

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7032 Rue Waverly

Need a few things on your way to work, but also hungry for a good breakfast? A neighbourhood favourite, Dep Le Pick-Up, is here for you. Part dep, part restaurant, this quaint spot serves up a great, inexpensive breakfast, with the breakfast sandwich as a notable favourite.

Another bonus: this place has great options for vegetarians (you can get veggie 'ham' on your breakfast sandwich), making it all the more attractive as a go-to breakfast spot.


5. Patati Patata

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4177 Boul St-Laurent

If you know of Patati Patata, then you know that they serve up amazing burgers, fries, and poutine for super cheap. Well, fortunately for us, the quality and prices are the same for their breakfast dishes, ranging from crepes to egg sandwiches.

Depending on how much time you have, you can either get your breakfast to go, or sit down and enjoy it on one of the cozy bar stools. Either way, don't discount Patati Patata as solely a lunch or dinner place - they shine in the breakfast arena too.


6. Fairmount Bagel

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74 Avenue Fairmount O

Oh, Fairmount Bagel, you are everything we need in our lives. Honestly, this bagel place deserves so much love - so please, go there and get yourself a fresh bagel for breakfast, and relish in the sheer joy it provides.

Perfect for a breakfast on the go, or a Sunday morning treat, you can order just a plain bagel, one with cream cheese, or a bagel sandwich depending on how hungry you are. Whatever you choose, it won't be more than $10, but it will leave you happier than ever for the rest of the day. Can you really put a price on that?


7. Cosmo's

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5843 Rue Sherbrooke O

A Montreal institution, Cosmo's is famous for many reasons: its friendly vibe, huge portions, classic feel, and, fortunately for us, its reasonable prices.

You can easily grab a breakfast here for under $10, and if you live in the area, it's basically a requirement that you come here at least twice for some good eats. The service is also pretty quick, so this spot is versatile depending on your time frame.


8. Toi, Moi, & Cafe

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Another classic cafe with solid breakfast/brunch options, Toi, Moi, & Cafe serves up the classics at an affordable price. They have their own unique coffee roasts, so get ready to be topped up a few times, because you'll definitely enjoy having your morning cup here.

If you're looking for a simple, no-frills breakfast in a warm, comfortable environment, look no further. This cafe covers all the basics and more.


9. McGill Pizza

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625 Rue Milton

Two things to clear up: first, this spot is not directly at McGill, or exclusive to McGill students, and second, it's not just a pizza joint. It is, however, a great, relaxed breakfast place, teeming with hungover students. If that's not an indicator for a cheap, tasty, greasy breakfast, I don't know what is.

McGill Pizza offers the breakfast classics, and no need to stress about getting everything you want and staying under $10 - the portions are fairly large, and between the home fries and toast, you'll be good to go.


10. Le Vieux Velo

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59 Rue Beaubien E

The best thing about this cozy breakfast spot? You can get a great eggs benny for $10 - or a little bit more, depending on which one you choose.

This is great news, because while bennies are a staple favourite for breakfast or brunch, they're often on the pricier side of the menu. Well, Le Vieux Velo proves that a good eggs benny doesn't have to be expensive to be delicious. The same goes for their other breakfast options, ensuring affordable, great breakfasts all around.


11. Olive & Gourmando

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351 Rue Saint Paul O

Loved for their fresh baked goods and healthy, wholesome lunches, Olive & Gourmando also has a great breakfast selection. Two of their morning dishes are $10 or under, the notable one being the "chia" bowl, with chia pudding, muesli, banana and coconut.

If you're looking for a healthy, protein-packed breakfast on the go, give this delicious chia bowl a try. Otherwise, Olive & Gourmando has some incredible homemade muffins, croissants and other breakfast delights for fair prices as well.


12. Place Milton

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220 Rue Milton

Along the same lines as McGill Pizza, Place Milton is a student favourite with basic, cheap breakfasts guaranteed to cure any hangover. With delicious home fries, bottomless coffee, and tasty classics, you really can't go wrong with Place Milton.

Head here on a weekend and you'll likely find the place bustling with people (all trying to recover from the night before), but I suspect that on a weekday morning, you'd have the place to yourself. This might just be the perfect quiet spot on a Monday to enjoy your breakfast in peace.


13. Blanche Neige

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5735 Chemin de la Côte-des-Neiges

Alright, a delicious, classic, filling breakfast for $3-4? Honestly, you just can't go wrong with Blanche Neige. They prove, without a doubt, that it doesn't take expensive decor or pricey menus to serve up an awesome breakfast.

Head here to enjoy a laid-back, friendly atmosphere - the perfect place to sit back with the morning paper and be lulled by the busy hum around you. If you're a super early riser - I'm talking 6:00-7:00 a.m. - Blanche Neige is truly the ideal spot for you. I mean, a $4 breakfast? It's just what you need and more.


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