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Top 10 Montreal Farmer's Markets You Gotta Go To At Least Once This Summer

Fresh produce, gorgeous flowers, and good times!
Top 10 Montreal Farmer's Markets You Gotta Go To At Least Once This Summer

Well, guys, it's summer in Montreal. Which means it's time for sunshine, sangria, terrasses, and good vibes.

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And, of course, it also means strolling through the best Montreal farmer's markets and buying up all the fresh produce and flowers you possibly can!

Public market hopping is pretty much my all-time favourite activity, no matter the season, and along with checking out some of the bigger spots, I've actually uncovered a few of Montreal's best hidden markets.

So, if you don't know where to begin your farmer's market hopping journey, don't worry. I got your back!

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Jean-Talon Market

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7070 Henri Julien Ave

Honestly, Jean-Talon Market is one of my absolute favourite spots to go to, pretty much all the time.

It's right next door to Montreal's Little Italy, so grabbing some fresh produce and lunch at a delicious restaurant is a pretty legit idea. Plus, Marche Jean-Talon has a place in the heart of any Montrealer; most people have fond memories of coming here with their parents or grandparents, and continuing the tradition even today.

Come here for:fresh fruits and vegetables, plus the lowkey and delicious restaurants very close to the market.

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Atwater Market

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138 Atwater Ave

Foodies, where you at? This market is a touch more restaurant/eatery oriented than many other ones, which makes it literally the perfect place to go if you're into awesome dishes, and any ingredients that go into awesome dishes.

Fun fact: Atwater Market is also home to the Satay Brothers, which is an all-around well known amazing place to go eat in Montreal. They've also got a gelato shop, fromageries, places to get pastries, and a beautiful flower shop.

Come here for: artisanal fromageries and seriously good eats.

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Lachine Market

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1865 Rue Notre Dame

Little known fact, Lachine Market is actually the oldest Public Market in Montreal. Who knew?

No matter when it was established, though, this spot is highkey gorgeous. It's literal steps away from the Lachine bike path, so you can go from "admiring the water" to "shopping up a storm of flowers and fresh fruits and veg" in absolutely no time at all. Win win? You know it.

Come here for: beautifully fresh fruits and veggies, plus gorgeous Lachine views.

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Marché Des Éclusiers

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400 de la Commune St W

This spot is literal bae. It's situated right in the Old Port along the water, and is pretty much a mix of an outdoor market with a super fun bar type of vibe.

Whether you're in it for the drinks or the fresh fruits and veggies, no worries. Either way, you're in for a good time!

Come here for: an open air market with a view, and drinks in the Old Port.

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Maisonneuve Market

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4445 Ontario St E

Flower lovers, this one's for you. This HoMa spot has beautiful flowers in a park setting, so you can pluck yourself a bouquet and enjoy the gorgeous weather, all in one ultimate outing.

Come here for: gorgeous, fresh flowers and park vibes.

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Jean-Brillant Market

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5351 Côte-des-Neiges Rd

Is this the most centrally located market on this list? Quite possibly. It's super accessible, near a university, a hospital, a metro, and multiple bus lines - but that's not even the best part.

This conveniently located public market is home to some really beautiful fruits and vegetables. In the summer, it also turns into a flower paradise; in the fall, pumpkins reign strong.

Come here for:flowers and fresh fruits and vegetables, in a super convenient location.

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Mont-Royal Neighbourhood Market

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470 Av. du Mont-Royal Est

If you've ever been to Mont-Royal metro, then chances are you know exactly what this market is all about. Let me refresh your memory, just in case.

This public market is usually home to seasonal products, like gorgeous flowers in the spring/summer/fall, maple products, cacti, plants, pumpkins, and Christmas trees. They also sell food products, like yogurt, and a selection of fresh produce.

Come here for: plants (and cacti!) and a selection of fresh flowers, plus fruit, vegetables, and other small groceries.

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Papineau Neighbourhood Market 

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1425 Cartier St

Legit, there's nothing that takes the edge off of a ride on the metro than browsing a super close and super cute public market.

And the one at Papineau metro happens to be both adorable and conveniently located, literal steps from the metro. Their main attraction is their potted flowers, but they've got a few fresh food options that are just as awesome!

Come here for: a quick browse for flowers and fresh food, right in front of a super popular metro.

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Marché St-Jacques

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2035 Amherst St

If you've ever passed by this cute public market, then trust me, you'd know it right away.

It's kind of hard to miss; the main feature of this market is their huge, bright, densely packed flower shop. They've got tons of beautiful flowers here, all of which are sure to put a smile on your face!

Come here for: the most gorgeous flowers you've ever seen.

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Halles D'Anjou

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7500 Boulevard des Galeries-d'Anjou

Situated right outside of the East End's Les Galeries d'Anjou, les Halles D'Anjou pretty much has it all - and if you can't find it, no worries, you can hop across the street to get it.

But trust, you'll find what you're looking for here. They've got a huge, inexpensive produce shop, a dollar store, fromageries, boutiques, plus a little shop that sells all kinds of sausage. What more could you possibly want?

Come here for: fresh fruits and vegetables, sausages, and a mini-mall vibe in a public market setting.

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