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10 Festivals Montrealers Should Road Trip To This Summer

Musicians, cowboys and fireworks are there to entertain you!
10 Festivals Montrealers Should Road Trip To This Summer

Photo cred - ottawatourism

Welcome to the dead of winter ladies and gentlemen. The weather in Montreal has been so cold and so gloomy; it feels like it might not end. The city is now a barren snowy tundra, and our minds are filled with lovelorn images of August afternoons. If you’re itching to get away this summer but don’t have the cash to go abroad per say, then why not do an old fashioned road trip? Grab your mom’s Jetta and hit the road with some of your pals. And if your mind is currently blocked with snow banks and hockey scores, we have some amazing Canadian festivals to get your summer gears goin’ so you can start planning!

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Photo cred - Digital Dreams

1. Budlight’s Digital Dreams – Toronto, Ontario

Needing an electronic music fix? Then June 27th and 28th is your time to party. Toronto is the host to Bud Light’s Digital Dreams, which is the largest electronic music festival in Canada. The full line-up has yet to be announced, but as per usual it will never disappoint.

Photo cred - tortuesarcatique

2. Busker Fest – Halifax, Nova Scotia

There is no denying that street performance can be pretty amazing. That’s why buskers from all over the world converge and demonstrate spectacular talents around Canada. However, out of all the locales these people go to, Halifax Busker Fest takes the cake. Yes, it is a far drive, however people go all out for this event. We’re talking about fire artists, contortionists, street dancers, magicians going absolutely ham, by the beautiful Nova Scotia water front.

Photo cred - ottawatourism

3. BluesFest – Ottawa, Ontario

Ottawa BluesFest is one of the most iconic events we hosers have to offer. It is pretty well established meaning it has a set up that is out of this world. Seriously, 6 stages, 200 acts and 12 days to execute everything. Crazy, we know. This years lineup is still being speculated, but some of the best suggestions of possible performers are Weird Al, U2 and T-Swift.

Photo cred - Calgary Stampede

4. The Calgary Stampede – Calgary, Alberta

Who knew the prairies could be so poppin’. Well, the Calgary Stampede is a national event that brings in $345 mil every year, so you know this event is pretty wild. They have everything from The Rodeo and acrobatics, to live music and food. The Stampede is all about preserving western culture in Canada, a pretty far stretch from how we live in Montreal, so this is a great opportunity to experience a lifestyle (in it’s absolute fullest, yee-hawing, horse riding form) that is completely different from our own.

Photo cred - Jonny Picture

5. Squamish Festival – Vancouver, BC

You dig the Osheaga vibe? Squamish is kind of like that, but more, hippy –dippy. Squamish Fest is three-day music festival that promotes indie, folk, rock, pop and electronic music. The event is located in BC, so it’s no surprise the grounds are littered with camping, marijuana enthusiasts. The lineup is announced in 2 days, I repeat 2 days! Get ready to order tickets before you know what you’re doing.

Photo Cred - Boots And Hearts

6. Boots And Hearts – Bowmanville, Ontario

Alright all you Brad Paisley lovers, I know you’re out there by the thousands, this is for you. Boots and Hearts has been one of Canadas biggest country music festivals for the mere 2 years it has been running. Country fanatics, line up in there cowboy boots and flannel and have a time and a half. The line up this year looks prime, featuring Eric Church, Florida Georgia Line and of course Mr. Paisley.

Photo cred - Festival D'ete De Quebec

7. Festival d’été de Québec – Quebec City, Quebec

If you don’t have the means to travel far away from the 514, then we recommend tripping to Festival d’ete de Quebec. Located in the heart of Quebec City from July 9th -19th, Festival d’ete strives to have something for everyone. They’ve featured everyone from the Black Keys, Skrillex to up and coming street performers. The line –up is going to be announced this Spring, so keep on your toes for the release.

Photo cred -Saricka

8. EAT! Vancouver – Vancouver, BC

If you’re the kind of person who will do anything for some good noms, then the drive to BC won’t faze you in the slightest. EAT! Vancouver is Canada’s largest food related expo/festival. It’s filled with celebrity chefs, culinary training, abundant samples and meals upon meals to gorge yourself with. It’s only three days though (May 1st -3rd) so you better start preparing your tummy now.

Photo cred - Sled Island

9. Sled Island – Calgary, Alberta

Originally inspired by Pop Montreal ( go us!) Sled Island has become one of the most renowned music/arts festivals in the entire country. The whole deal of Sled Island is to expand the city of Calgary to reach out to different forms of expression, different people and mostly just a more creative way of thinking. The whole extravaganza seems insane, and looks super interesting for those of you who like to expand your mind to the unknown.

Photo cred - Jonathan Evans

10. Celebration of Light – Vancouver, BC

Yep, fireworks are pretty amazing. They’ve kinda become cliché, especially since that Katy Perry song, however seeing them in the masses is just breathtaking. The Celebration of Light is the largest off shore fireworks competition in the world. The whole event runs July 25th, 29th and August 1st, and brings almost half a million spectators. It’s honestly incredible, and if you’re going to make the trek all the way from Montreal to Vancouver, you might as well see something wild.

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