10 Foods That 100% Need To Be A Poutine Topping Sooner Than Later

Not that poutine isn't already perfect as it is, but still...
10 Foods That 100% Need To Be A Poutine Topping Sooner Than Later

There are loads of amazing options for poutine in Montreal, but we have some ideas for new takes on the dish that would be surefire hits. These toppings are a little unorthodox, but we think that an open-minded poutine eater would love the adventure. Here are 10 foods that need to be poutine toppings.

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Some Middle Eastern flavour would be the perfect addition to a poutine. Just imagine being able to bite into some crispy chickpeas along with your fries and cheese curds—they’d go perfectly together. Combining two great drunk foods would make for the ultimate late-night snack.


We love it on hot dogs, but we’d love it even more on poutine. The tangy deliciousness of sauerkraut would go perfectly with the saltiness we love from our poutine. There’s already a kimchi poutine, so why not try another amazing cabbage dish with it?


Why not add a touch of class to your poutine? Adding shrimp would be the ideal way to create an extravagant poutine experience without sacrificing the greasiness you love. The rich seafood would taste incredible when smothered in delicious poutine gravy.

Smoked Salmon

Poutine is pretty salty already, but we’ve always got an appetite for more sodium, especially when it’s delivered to us via some luscious lox. Forget bagels and cream cheese—what could be better underneath smoked salmon than fries and curds? The bright pink would be a refreshing addition to the shades of brown.


An escargot poutine would make for an indulgent and delicious dish. The garlicky and buttery goodness would go perfectly with the gravy. Not only that, but the contrast between the gooeyness of the snails and the crunchiness of the fries would make for a yummy balance of textures.


A horseradish poutine—why not? The spicy green topping is usually put on sushi, but it would work equally well with some greasy fries. Wasabi’s kick would be the perfect way to round out the tangy gravy flavour. Poutine could take a yummy tip or too from Japanese cuisine.

Ghost Pepper

The kicker in McKibbin’s’ “Rim Reaper” wings would also do the trick for spicing up poutine. We’d worry about it destroying the flavour of the gravy, but it’d be worth a try. We’re not sure if we’d live to talk about the experience, but we're willing to find out.


Proscuitto has a subtle flavour, but the right amount of gravy would be the perfect compliment to its distinct taste. Not only that, but the soft texture would be perfect for being draped around some crunchy fries. We already love proscuitto with cheese, so why not combine it with cheese curds?


Some doughy, meaty dumplings would make for a great addition to our poutine. We love wontons on their own, but they’d be even better if they were soaked in some tasty poutine gravy. The fries together with the dumpling skin might make for carb overload, but we think we could handle it.

Chocolate Chips

We’d absolutely love a desert poutine. The sweetness of the chocolate would go well with the saltiness of the fries and gravy. Not only that, but we already love cheese and chocolate together, so swapping cheese curds wouldn’t be too much of a stretch. It might take some getting used to, but we’d certainly be down to test it out.

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