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10 Foods To Keep You Sane During The Long Winter Months

Meet your new winter mood boosters.
10 Foods To Keep You Sane During The Long Winter Months

Everything's slushy and sloshy and we're all slipping down the streets and the outdoor stairs, and everything's making us miserable, other than the christmas lights. Here's 10 foods that'll help get you in a better mood to brave the winter, because you know we kill it every year, but the little things that help make some kind of different.

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1.Chew on Some Candy

Sadly, not all candy, only dark chocolate. You have a free pass to indulge in that extra dark Lindt bar, because the magnesium it contains calms your muscles and reduces anxiety. It actually also contains this thing called typtophan, which reduces your depression. Do you need more reasons to eat candy? I’ll take even the barest minimum of a reason to do so.

2.Savour your salmon

The omega-3s in salmon helps curb mood swings winter crankiness brings on. What’s better? Fish in general has also long been known as brain food, because it can improve your memory and your ability to concentrate.

3.Chicken on Your brain

The B vitamins in chicken give you a natural mood-boost, and it also acts as an anti oxidant that saves your brain from chemicals that can blast your energy.

4.Avocado Bliss

This bad boy fruit actually directly boosts your serotonin! Without any of the drugs! Do you need another reason?

5.Yays for yoghurt

Greek yoghurt boosts your mood and your immune system and its got all those probiotics that keep your stomach happy and your body healthy.

6.Taste some tea

Green tea is just the most insane superfood. It’s an anti-oxidant that calms you, and while it does so, it gets rid of that bad skin that all your nights of drinking to forget winter cause.

7.Eat all of the berries

They’re delicious, and they contain all these anthocyanidins and antioxidants; so, as you munch on them for that berry beastly deliciousness, they de-stress your mind and soul.

8.Crazy for cereal

I don’t mean those cocoa puffs, even though they do have a bunch of nutrients allegedly. But who doesn’t love cereal, and if you swap your sugar laden breakfast treats for something with more whole-grains and folic acid, you’re going to avoid that sadness that afflicts people with folate deficiencies.

9.Cups of cashews

Cashews got that dose of zinc that you need in your blood levels to avoid depression, so keep some nuts around to snack instead of your usual zero-nutrient-calorie foods, and you’ll see your mood elevate.

10.Down that spinach

Make like popeye and down a can of spinach to get your folate levels heightened, keeps your hair looking great, and stabilizes your mood. And you know that bad winter hair is the reason for a lot of frozen discontent.

Do you know other superfoods that get you in a better mood? Comment below and let us know!

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