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10 Free Montreal Summer Things To Do With Your Significant Other

There is no need to pay to have fun with your bae.
10 Free Montreal Summer Things To Do With Your Significant Other

Photo cred - Philip Cabana

For all you couples on a budget out there, you don't actually need to spend money in order to have fun in Montreal. You can make the best out of the smallest outings/activities.

Make time to rejuvinate the sensations that attracted you to each other in the first place. Please don't let insidious dullness enter into your relationship.  This is exactly what frequently goes on when we are busy placing other things ahead of our time for each other and it's no bueno.

So. Save your cash and relish in these fun free activities that add pazaz to your relationship without spending a dime.

1. International Fireworks Competition

  • Cuddle up and hold each other while watching sparks fly up above. Spend a romantic evening at the old port then settle down and find a cozy spot to see the light show. Click here to check out the best spots to watch the International Fireworks Competition.

2. Play Tennis At Parc La Fontaine

  • You can head to one of Montreal's most beautiful parks with vast tennis courts and engage in some comopetitive physical activity. Maybe the sport might cause some tension between you two, but it doesn't matter who wins or loses, just go grab a shower & cool off the tension between you two.

3. Exotic Car "Shopping" At Lamborghini Montreal

4. Free Comedy Shows

  • Laugh ensemble. When laughter is shared, it binds people together and increases happiness and intimacy. Click here for free montreal comedy nights & performances.

5. Rendez-Vous of Italian Cinema

  • Every Wednesday night @ 8:30 pm from July 2 to August 6 at Dante Park (Little Italy). There's actually nothing more romantic than watching some time-honored black and white classics under the stars. There are subtitles of course, so you won't be lost in translation...unless you're both too busy getting lost in each others mouths. Click here to see the movie line-up.

6. Day At The Clock Tower Beach In The Old Port

  • It's the only free beach in Montreal and it's real purrdy. GO!

7. Dorval Plane Watching

  • Take a late night drive to this secluded spot off the TransCanada highway. Go all the way down the street until you reach the crescent to turn back and park the car close to the gates. Bring some snacks and if you’re a real romantic, forget the portable chairs, lay on the back of the car and look up as planes fly in right over your heads.
  • Location

8. Hiking Up Mount Royal

  • Hooking up in the forest... hello spontaneity. There are tons of beautiful forest trails surrounded by glorious nature that will take your breath away. You're bound to get hungry after all the physical activity, so pack a picnic and eat right by Beaver Lake. For free parking, ask someone who's leaving the parking lot for their paid parking reciept, they don't need it anymore & lots of people spend muchos dollars thinking they'll stay the whole day but alas they don't.

9. Hide and Seek at IKEA

  • This is the MOTHER of all hide & seek spots. You get lost regardless if your playing. Spend the day here, rain or shine. Pick out your future kitchen/bathroom (make sure the toilet is right for you both) and play a two hour game of hide and seek! It's been done by many and it's freaking awesome. Hide behind couches, inside showers and under beds. Then grab lunch @ the IKEA Bistro. Enjoy their famous Swedish-style dishes or a local favourite.

10. Prowling For Vintage

  • Spend the day downtown hunting for vintage items and browsing through cool boutiques and thrift shops such as Les Folles Alliées and Kitsch ‘n’ Swell. Try on some funny hats, take some Instagram worthy pics and goof around with your Pookie as you gallivant on the streets of the Plateau, St. Laurent and St. Denis.

*Bonus* Skinny Dipping At Point-Claire Village/Chemain du Bord du Lac/Lakeshore

  • So we're not going to lie, this is illegal, but if you can get away with it & cross it off your bucket list, it'll be something you always remember. Who can forget the first time they ran nude screaming and swearing into cold water with their beloved.
  • These areas are pretty deserted around 1am & and are some of the few places with smooth entry ways into the water (so your not jumping in & hitting all kinds of rocks). Park your car somewhere on the main street and walk. Be stealth and F park security.
  • Bourgeau Park (map)
  • Centennial Hall Park (map)
  • Centre culturel de Pointe-Claire (map)
  • Valois Bay Park (map)
  • Millenium Park (map)

What free activities will you be doing around Montreal?

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