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10 Free Montreal Things To Do With Your Significant Other In September 2014

Fun activities to keep busy with your bae.
10 Free Montreal Things To Do With Your Significant Other In September 2014

Photo cred - James Patrick

You're deeply in love and completely out of money? Don't worry! We know summer can be expensive, so when Fall comes, almost everyone is on a budget.

It doesn't mean you have to stay home. We live in Montreal! There are tons of free activities and events in the city during September. You can go out, have fun, and not spend a single dollar.

To keep your wallet full, here's 10 free Montreal things to do with your significant other in September 2014.

1. Montreal Vegan Food Festival

When: September 26th and 27th.

Enjoy Montreal's first free vegan food festival with your SO. Taste some good (free) food and learn more about the vegan culture with international lecturers, cooking demos, informative stands and organizations. You can also participate on roundtable discussions, if you want. Go to UQAM and enjoy this delicious event. To read more about it, click here.

2. Quartiers Danses Festival at the Esplanade

When: September 5th, from 5pm to 8pm.

In the mood for contemporary dance? Bring your significant other and enjoy the free performances at the Olympic Park Esplanade. Check the website to see the schedule and choose which performance you both will like to watch.

3. Villa Paradizo

When: September 5th and 6th.

If you and your significant other enjoy some good electronic music, this is the best place to go. Montreal's first free EDM (electronic dance music) festival will take place on Crescent street, Downtown. Check their website to see the schedule. Add some beat to your romance.

4. Bike-In: Phantom of the Paradise

When: September 6th.

You and your significant other love the movies and are fans of the classics? There's an event that is perfect for you. The website says that "The annual Film POP BIke-in fundraiser will celebrate the 40th anniversary of Brian De Palma’s cult classic PHANTOM OF THE PARADISE (1974), a grandiloquent pop adaptation of the German legend of Faust and The Picture of Dorian Gray, by way of The Phantom of the Opera and 1970s glam excess." Besides the screening at 9pm, there will also be an afternoon party starting at 4:30pm. Go have some fun at Terrasse St. Ambroise.

5. Agricultural Fair

When: September 7th, from 10am to 4pm.

Had your significant other always wanted to live on a farm? Then this is the perfect opportunity to go with her/him to a farm that is way closer to you. At Parc Jean-Drapeau you will find farm animals, eat some corn, and enjoy the farm lifestyle with the Agricultural Fair. Check their website to see all the activities and go have some fun!

6. Les Journées de la Culture 

When: September 26th to 28th.

Bring your significant other to enjoy some culture at Les Journées de la Culture. An annual event province-wide, this festival celebrates culture through a variety of festivities, including interactive opportunities at dance and art studios, museums and other venues city-side. Participants are welcomed to explore a wide range of cultural practices and creative processes in free demonstrations and festivities over the three-day event. Check their website for more information.

7.  Pumpkin and Apple Picking

When: Through September.

Ready to hop on an adventure with your significant other? How about picking some pumpkins to decorate the house for Halloween? Or some apples to cook delicious apple pies? Yes, these things happen in real life and you can bring your significant other to enjoy it. It's fun and romantic. You can even kiss under the tree and make it feel like you're in a movie. Check the locations of pumpkin patches and apple orchards to see which one is closer to you.

8. Tam-Tams

When: Through September.

Want to enjoy some music in open air with your significant other? The Tam-Tams is the perfect place to go. The Mount-Royal Park turns into a huge event every Sunday from noon to sunset. Take your take to relax and to be with your loved one. You can bring your food and drinks, it's all good.

9. Urban Forest at the McCord Museum

When: Until September 28th.

The McCord Museum’s Urban Forest is a series of twelve metallic tree-like structures decorated with orange ribbons, designed by architectural landscapers Thierry Beaudoin and Paula Meijerink of Wanted Landscape. With a giant swing, a piano anyone can use, picnic tables and food trucks, it’s a perfect downtown spot to break up an ordinary day and bring your significant other. Click here for directions.

10. Marché Fermier

When: Through September.

If you and your significant other like a farmer's market, this one is unmissable. Organic fruits and veggies, honey, bread, goat cheese, juices, jams, quiches, muffins, wine, meat and prepared dishes are part of the selection at farmers’ market Marché Fermier. It's a good activity, even if you're not going to buy anything. According to them, "Marché Fermier provides an opportunity to learn more about the environmental and social consequences of modern industrial food production, as well as the health benefits of eating locally and in-season." Most producers let people try their products, so you will get to taste some of it. Check their website for more information and to see the locations.

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