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10 Frustrating Things That Will Happen When You Move In With Your Boyfriend

If you're honest enough, you know these are true.
10 Frustrating Things That Will Happen When You Move In With Your Boyfriend

Photo cred - Natalie Schmid

Flowers are red, violets are blue. I loved you before, now I just wanna kill you. 

Remember those days when you couldn't wait to move in with your perfect boyfriend? How everything he did was cute?

Yeah, those days are gone. We love 'em, that's for sure. But, girl, you better be aware of what is coming your way if you decide to live under the same roof.

For that reason, we decided to make a list of the top 10 annoying things about moving in with your boyfriend.

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Brand New (Unwanted) Netflix Suggestions List

Your Netflix will never be the same. It used to be your best friend, but now it will only suggest violence, action and more violence. No more romance. Comedy, only if he's sleepy. Drama? Men don't know what "drama" means. And if you're the kind of girl who likes Musicals, my sincere condolences.

Dirty Clothes On The Floor

Be ready to get home and find a great collection of dirty socks and shirts on the floor. That's if your boyfriend is clean enough not to throw underwear and pants also. They don't know the difference between the floor and a laundry basket.

Too Much Beer in The Fridge

Forget about your healthy groceries, juices and Vitamin Water. There will be no space left in your fridge for that. Maybe in the bottom shelf, but that's it. You will be surprised how much beer your boyfriend is capable of drinking.

Dirty Piles Of Dishes

Men love technology, but they completely ignore dishwashing machines. Dish soap is probably something they believe don't event exist anymore (if they knew it existed before). Don't count on your boyfriend to do the dishes after a meal. It just won't happen. Ever.

The Toilet Seat Nightmare

Remember to always keep an eye on the toilet seat before using it. Living with a guy means having the toilet seat up, at all times. No, they won't remember to put it down. No, it doesn't matter if you ask a thousand times.


All men are hearing impaired, get used to it. When they're watching a movie or playing video games the gunshots will be so loud, you will think someone is shooting in the living room (you might as well wanna make part of it, by shooting your boyfriend). And music is not good music if it's not almost blowing up the speakers. Those quiet days are gone, my dear and you might as well join them.

Wet Towel On The Bed

Caution! Men don't know they cannot leave a wet towel on the bed. They probably think the terrible smell that stays on the towel afterwards is their own. Be ready to buy more towels, because you will have to wash them pretty often.

Temporary Amnesia

Try telling your boyfriend something he finds completely uninteresting, like the dinner you have planned with your parents. Better yet, try asking him to bring eggs (or whatever food you want and he doesn't like). Don't get your expectations too high. Men lack memory when it comes to something they don't find interesting or important.

Double Standards

They never make enough money when you need a new mattress or anything related to house keeping. But they're instantly rich when a new Video Game Console is out or their favourite band is in town. Yeah. Men have double standards when it comes to electronics and really fun things.

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