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10 Facts About Montreal's STM You Most Certainly Did Not Know

Info Metro is giving daily history lessons on Twitter.
10 Facts About Montreal's STM You Most Certainly Did Not Know

Photo cred - Cam2210

Learning more about Montreal's public transit network has never been easier, thanks to Info Métro, a Twitter account all about telling people about the STM and its 150+ year lifespan. From factoids to special moments in STM history, Info Métro covers it all.

For straight to your twitter feed factoids, go give Info Métro a follow. To give you a sense of what you'll be seeing on the daily, we've compiled some of Info Métro's tweets for you below. All are in French, but you're in Montreal, so you should be used to that by now.


— Info Métro (@infometromtl_fr) July 25, 2014


Le saviez vous? Un incendie entre les stations Rosemont et Laurier, résultat de crevaisons, a détruit 9 voitures.

— Info Métro (@infometromtl_fr) July 20, 2014


— Info Métro (@infometromtl_fr) July 18, 2014


Histoire en photos #2: Une reproduction du plan original affiché dans les voitures de métro en 1966.

— Info Métro (@infometromtl_fr) July 17, 2014


— Info Métro (@infometromtl_fr) July 16, 2014


Le saviez vous? La station Lucien-L'Allier devait, à l'origine, s'appeler Aqueduc.

— Info Métro (@infometromtl_fr) July 15, 2014


— Info Métro (@infometromtl_fr) July 20, 2014


Le saviez vous? Les affiches originales du métro sont écrites avec la police d'écriture Univers 57.

— Info Métro (@infometromtl_fr) July 23, 2014


— Info Métro (@infometromtl_fr) July 22, 2014


Histoire en photos #3: L'intérieur du métro à ses débuts. Notez les publicités qui couvrent l'éclairage.

— Info Métro (@infometromtl_fr) July 19, 2014

To get more STM-related tweets and facts, check out and follow Info Metro on Twitter.

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