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10 Fun Montreal Locations To Study At In The Spring

Studying for your final exams doesn't always have to be boring.
10 Fun Montreal Locations To Study At In The Spring

Phot0 cred - Wally Gobetz

Right when we thought Montreal would freeze over for eternity, the sun and warmth have blessed us with their ever-awaited presence. Unfortunately, the majority of Montreal’s student population has some serious exam prepping to do and frankly being cooped up in the library for weeks can be more than depressing. So to help you get through your last minute studying during these warm few weeks we’ve complied a list of our go to study spaces for this lovely spring weather.

1. Parc Outremont

This small park is one of Montreal’s best-kept secrets. Its quiet, peaceful and all things indie, making it the perfect place to relax and whip our your notes on a warm day.

2. Café Névé

Long tables, relaxed vibes, coffee and freshly baked cookies the size of your face. Café Névé is the perfect place to crack open your textbook and spend an entire afternoon reviewing for exams.

3. Society Promenade Bellerive

Enjoy the fresh air at Society Promenade Bellerive. Visit this park for a relaxing ambiance and peaceful surrounding where the picnic benches, open grass fields, and right by the water makes for the perfect spring study space.

4. Museum of Contemporary Art- Media Centre

If you’re sick and tired of the library and parks are too distracting for you, head over to the museum of contemporary art. Its quiet study space and huge glass windows make you feel like you’re outside enjoying the wonderful spring sunshine. The beautiful museum is sure to inspire some stellar essays, trust us.

5 . Parc de la Fontaine

This large and extremely popular park attracts a plethora of different people visiting to study, relax or observe wildlife. The beautiful park has perfect shaded areas and artificial pond to settle down by.

6. Coop la maison verte

Fair trade organic coffee, eco-friendly produce and a grocery store; Coop la maison verte has it all. Their adorable indoor café corner is perfect for studying and their outdoor terrace is beautiful on a warm spring day. You can even grab groceries on your way home from studying, it’s truly the ideal place to get work done and inspire some organic cooking.

7. Place des nations

You have either never heard of this park or super in the know of underground areas in Montréal. This open area has tons of greenery and ideal steps, which are perfect for working on. You are also isolated from the city and tucked away into this miniature world filled with plants and wildlife.

8. Café Code Black

A quiet and cozy café that has tons of table space is exactly what Café code black has to offer, not to mention their delicious lattés and hot chocolates. The place is never over-packed and you can even snag the outside table on a sunny spring day if you’re lucky.

9.  Top of Mont-Royal Park

The top of Mont- Royal has without a doubt the best view of the city and a perfectly secluded area that will help you clear your head and focus on school work while looking out into the horizon of this beautiful city we are lucky enough to call home.

10. Apt. 200

Ok ok, maybe not the best location to concentrate but it does have the feel and allure early in the evening like your own home and studying with a beer or two never hurt anyone. ;).

Where will you be studying this spring?

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