10 Fun Montreal Places To Volunteer At This Summer

Do something you love while helping others.
10 Fun Montreal Places To Volunteer At This Summer

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As city citizens, we live in a very fast-paced kind of lifestyle, and more than often forget to take time to slow things down.

Volunteering is a good way to keep ourselves grounded and to take time to give back to the community. It's a great way to spend quality time with your friends and family while helping others in need.

Don't know where to start looking for a good volunteering experience? Here's a list of ten types of volunteer experiences you can easily do this summer in Montreal.

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Volunteer at a Dog Adoption Centre

Where : Ani Match ; du Grand Blvd, L'Île-Perrot, Quebec

What they do : Help dogs find homes.

What you'll do : Help with everyday tasks at the centre, which most likely includes playing with dogs.

Do Activities (Like Play Sports) With Kids

Where : Big Brothers Big Sisters of West Island ; 265 Dorval Ave., Suite 202 Dorval, Quebec

What they do : Help kids improve their self-determination, social skills and habits.

What you'll do : Be a mentor for kids ; Play sports, talk, go for outings, etc.

Volunteer for an Event

Where : Color Me Rad ; 4141 Pierre-de Coubertin, Montreal

What they do : Fund to blood cancer research and improve the quality of life of patients and their families.

What you'll do : Be an ambassador; Help with the event.

Volunteer in an office

Where : Dans la rue ; 533, Ontario Est, Bureau 450, Montreal

What they do : Help the young homeless.

What you'll do : Mail processing, reception, data entry jobs, and general office clerk duties.

Volunteer from home

Where : In your home; Working virtually for Manitoba Genealogical Society Inc.

What they do : Help promote and encourage an interest in genealogy and family history.

What you'll do : Computer tasks including : Indexing, membership databases, research, website and forms development, publishing, writing, and editing.

Prepare And Serve a Meal At a Soup Kitchen

Where : Acceuil Bonneau ; 427 de la Commune Est, Montreal, QC

What they do : Prepare and serve meals to people that cannot afford it.

What you'll do : Help cook and serve a meal. You might even learn some cooking tips from the regular cooks.

Be a Tutor

Where : Le Baobab Familial ; 6767, ch de la cote-des-Neiges, Montréal, QC

What they do : Provide help for children with learning difficulties.

What you'll do : Help children with their learning difficulties in the subjects they need help in.

Help Someone With Special Needs

Where : Programme Vision Amitié ; Greater Montreal : (514) 934-4622 poste 226

What they do : Provide help for people with special needs.

What you'll do : Help the visually impaired with their daily activities, and outings. You could also simply talk and share a cup of tea or coffee with them.

Volunteer at a Hospital

Where : Montreal St.Mary's Hospital ; 3830 Lacombe Avenue, Montreal, QC

What they do : Well, you already know ; Save lives.

What you'll do : Various jobs around the hospital. From working at the desk to visiting the patients.

Volunteer At An Old Folks Home

Where : Foyer Dorval ; 225 La Presentation Dorval, QC

What they do : Take care of seniors.

What you'll do : Assist the activity coordinator, accompany clients to the various activities and encourage them to participate.

Will you be volunteering this summer?

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