10 Fun Montreal Things To Do After 3am

The party doesn't have to stop just because the bars close.
10 Fun Montreal Things To Do After 3am

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After a long night of drinking and partying, most of us still aren't ready to go home. When it comes down to going to bed or staying up a little longer, we think we'd rather stay awake for a few more hours. Luckily for us, there are still a few places in Montreal that are opened past 3am. Places you might not usually think of, but that make good after parties. We challenge you to try one of the ten during your next night out.

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Attempt to climb Mont Royal

Feeling adventurous? We dare you to try to climb Mont Royal at 3am.There's something really fun and exciting about going for an outdoor adventure drunk or high (or both), and although it may sound long and painful, with a good gang of friends, and an unstable body, it might turn out to be your funniest adventure yet. The bonus? If you make it to the top, the night view of the city is amazing.

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Go on a Bixi bike adventure

Bixis are awesome, especially when you're not sober. Going around the city on a Bixi with a gang of friends is a fun way to end the night. Maybe get lost, go off roading and discover new parts of the city. You can also take a Bixi to get back home and avoid paying a cab.

Pick flowers

Since summer is coming up, the streets are starting to fill up with flower pots. You should have no trouble finding a few flowers to pick on your walk back home or at a park nearby. We don't know why picking flowers seems like so much fun when you're intoxicated, but hey, do we really need a reason? Give it to your bestie or your ''date'' for a good laugh and a little souvenir of the night.

Go to you favorite Montreal park and light one up with friends

Now that the night is almost over, you just want to kick back and relax. Find yourself a nice outdoor park and smoke a joint. You may even find yourself a secret spot where no one else goes and make it a weekly hangout spot. The fun part about it ; There's no closing time so stay as long as you wish.

Go play some blackjack at the Casino

Yes, the Montreal Casino is opened all night, and they know how to keep you awake; They keep the drinks coming and the lights flashing. Here you'll find entertainment for everyone. I mean, who doesn't like winning money? There's no time limit or money limit, so stay for as long as you want and keep the good times rolling.

Go to the arcade

We all have a little gamer inside of us. So why not go to the arcade at 3 in the morning? Situated on St.Catherines Street, Amusement 2000 Plus is a great place to go when leaving Crescent Street. It'll keep you moving and entertained for a few dollars. Whether you're good at video games or not, it doesn't really matter, because at this point, no one's really winning.

Go to an Afterhours

Want to keep dancing? Reunite with all the people that just want to keep the party going. Hit the afterhour clubs! Here in Montreal we have Circus Afterhours and Stereo Montreal. Two clubs where you can dance untill the sun comes up. Good music + lots of people = a good time. Dance untill the sun comes up.

Go Get Sammiches

Instead of always going to get poutines and pizza, go get a sandwich. The bread will really help with that morning hangover, and its just so delicious. Two of the best sandwich restaurants in town that'll still be opened at 3 in the morning are : Boustan and Joe's Panini. Eat at the restaurant or take it to go and munch on.

Sing a few songs at a 24h karaoke

Karaoke is always a good idea after a few too many drinks, and you'll have time to get loaded before because CEO karaoke is opened 24 hours. By 3am, you've got the biggest confidence boost and you're ready to go on with the show. Whether you're a good signer or a bad signer; No one will know. Everyone will sign along and cheer you on. It's usually the morning after, when you best friend shows you a video of you signing the night before, that you realize you should really stop doing karaoke.

When all else fails, throw an after party

The best kind of party is the after party. Everyone is already feeling good and happy to keep partying. Invite yourself a few people you just met at the bar and you'll have a good time while getting to know your new friends. As the night goes on and people start leaving, you might be lucky enough to keep that one guy/girl at your apartment for a sleepover.

Will you be staying up past 3am?

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