10 Fun Things About Montreal's New "New-Asian" Restaurant On Crescent Street

New-Asian tapas, street food and sushi to co:exist in Montreal’s night life scene
10 Fun Things About Montreal's New "New-Asian" Restaurant On Crescent Street

Whether you're a sucker for sushi, have a craving for Thai or in the mood for classic Chinese, KYOZON,the unconventional day-to-night bar and kitchen (set to open early August) will feed you the full package.

Not only will there be an array of delicious cuisines offered but circulating throughout the bar and kitchen will be a value-for-your-money kaiten belt serving fresh dishes for lunch, dinner and even snacks.

We think this awesome space will be the perfect spot to socialize, drink, eat, party, lounge and more.

Here's what you need to know about KYOZON, the New- Asian bar and kitchen:

  1. How do you pronounce it? "KIO-ZON"
  2. What does it mean? KYOZON means to co-exist, in Japanese, reflecting theme of mashing all sorts of Asian cuisine into one kitchen
  3. What is it? A New- Asian kitchen, placed inside a trendy bar
  4. Where is it? In the heart of downtown Montreal– you can check out the on-going construction at 1454 Crescent Street!
  5. Who's behind the action? KYOZON is the work of an association of passionate Montreal based restaurateurs, some of which have lived, worked and traveled across Japan, China, Thailand and Vietnam
  6. It's not just Japanese, it's New- Asian
  7. What does New- Asian mean? The idea here is that the restaurant's culinary inspiration comes from Japanese, Thai, Chinese and Vietnamese culture
  8. What you can expect to see on the menu: tapas, street food and sushi. Some menu highlights will include kale & seaweed salads, Tom Kha Gai (a Thai- inspired coconut and chicken soup) and more.
  9. KYOZON will be Montreal’s first real Kaiten Belt, where fresh dishes served on color-coded plates ranging from $3 to $8 will be placed on a rotating conveyor belt, circulating through the restaurant
  10. Most importantly, KYOZON will open it’s doors in August 2014

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Check out the photos of KYOZON's construction progress:

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